The Married Couple Who Caught The Nazi Butcher Of Lyon | Nazi Hunters | Timeline

The Courageous Couple: The Klarsfelds’ Mission to Capture the Nazi Butcher of Lyon

Introduction During World War II, Klaus Barbie, a notorious Gestapo officer, unleashed terror in Lyon, France, earning himself the chilling moniker “the Butcher of Lyon.” His war crimes included the deportation and torture of countless individuals, particularly Jews and members of the French Resistance. However, Barbie’s reign of terror eventually came to an end thanks…

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Paul Touvier: How One Of France's Worst War Criminals Evaded Capture | Nazi Hunters | Timeline

From Infamy to Justice: Unmasking Paul Touvier, France’s Notorious War Criminal

Introduction During World War II, France witnessed the rise of a heinous individual, Paul Touvier, who would go on to become one of the country’s most notorious war criminals. With a reputation for anti-Semitism and a role in hunting down resistance fighters and Jews, Touvier earned the chilling nickname “Hangman of Lyon.” Despite his atrocities,…

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