The Story of HMS Menestheus: The Beer Ship of World War II and a Rare Budweiser Commercial

The Story of HMS Menestheus: The Beer Ship of World War II and a Rare Budweiser Commercial

During World War II, one of the most important commodities for British soldiers was beer. In fact, beer was considered so important that the British Navy had a specific type of ship dedicated to transporting it: the beer ship. One of the most famous beer ships of the war was the HMS Menestheus, which carried not only beer, but also a rare commodity for the time: American Budweiser.

The HMS Menestheus was a cargo ship that had been converted into a beer ship in 1941. Its primary mission was to transport beer to British troops stationed in North Africa. The ship was originally named the SS Black Osprey, but was renamed after the Greek mythological hero Menestheus in order to avoid confusion with another ship named the SS Osprey.

On one of its voyages, the HMS Menestheus was carrying a special cargo: American Budweiser. At the time, Budweiser was a rare commodity in Britain, and it was considered a luxury item. The beer had been sent to Britain as part of a promotional campaign by the Anheuser-Busch company. The campaign included a series of advertisements featuring the slogan “The Finest Beer You Ever Tasted” and a picture of a bottle of Budweiser.

The Budweiser cargo on the HMS Menestheus became the subject of a rare World War II commercial. The commercial features a British sailor drinking a bottle of Budweiser while sitting on a crate on the deck of the ship. He looks out at the sea and says, “This is the life,” before taking another sip of beer. The commercial was considered unusual for its time because it featured a product that was not available in Britain.

The journey of the HMS Menestheus was not without peril. On one occasion, the ship was attacked by German planes while en route to North Africa. The crew was forced to abandon ship, and the beer was lost. However, the ship was later salvaged and put back into service.

Despite the danger, the beer ships played a crucial role in keeping British soldiers supplied with beer during the war. In fact, beer was considered so important to the morale of the troops that it was even included in their rations. The beer ships made regular runs to North Africa, the Middle East, and even to the front lines in Europe.

As the war continued, the demand for beer grew stronger, and the Menestheus was sent out on more beer runs. It made several successful trips, evading German U-boats and delivering precious cargo to the troops. But on November 24, 1941, the Menestheus was attacked by a German U-boat while on a beer run to Murmansk. The ship was hit by a torpedo and began to sink.

The crew was ordered to abandon ship, and they made their way into the freezing waters of the Arctic. The Menestheus sank, taking its cargo of beer with it. But the crew’s ordeal was far from over. They were left adrift in the frigid waters, struggling to survive as the temperature dropped and the winds picked up.

After several hours, the crew was spotted by a passing Soviet ship, which rescued them and brought them to safety. The survivors were treated for hypothermia and frostbite, but they had all survived the ordeal.

Despite the loss of the Menestheus and its cargo of beer, the story of the beer ship lives on as a symbol of the lengths that were taken to keep morale high during World War II. And while the Budweiser commercial that was filmed on the ship may seem like a strange footnote to the story, it serves as a reminder of the power of advertising and propaganda during wartime.

In the end, the Menestheus and its crew may have been lost, but their sacrifice and bravery live on as a testament to the human spirit in times of war. And for beer lovers everywhere, the story of the beer ship remains a fascinating footnote in the history of one of the world’s most popular beverages.

The story of the HMS Menestheus and its cargo of American Budweiser is a testament to the importance of beer in the lives of British soldiers during World War II. The ship and its crew risked their lives to transport this valuable commodity, and the rare Budweiser commercial is a fascinating piece of history that highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of advertisers during wartime.

In conclusion, the HMS Menestheus was a remarkable ship that played a vital role in the war effort by transporting beer to British troops. Its mission was not without danger, as evidenced by the attack by German planes and the loss of beer. However, the ship and its crew persevered, and the Budweiser cargo became the subject of a rare World War II commercial. The story of the beer ships is an important part of World War II history, and it is a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who served their country.

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