Shimla Travel: From Hiking Trails to Valley Crossing

Shimla Travel: From Hiking Trails to Valley Crossing

By Ashish Arora on September 30, 2014

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Shimla tour and travel

This is about a Shimla travel…an official tour. And you can understand if it’s an official tour, it’s not exactly a Shimla tour. The right words would be it’s an official tour to a Shimla resort. It was an evening in September of 2014, and we were ready with our bags to step out of the office and board the private tourism buses already waiting at nearby road.

So, we took our seats in the bus and it was just a get-set-go moment for the all night journey from the crowded roads of Delhi to mountain roads of Himachal Pradesh. We did have full stack of starter, veg and non veg, in the bus itself with liquor for the ones who drink, and cold drinks for non-drinkers like me. We would eat our dinner in somewhere mid of the journey. As the bus hit the road, we started to have starter and drinks.


Shimla tour and travel

There was full of shouting in the bus as nobody wanted to miss enjoying moments with colleagues far from the office area. As the bus crossed Delhi border, the drinkers were already in full mood. We were done with eating, but singing and shouting sessions were still going on. However, we were sleepy at the moment and some were already asleep.

Bus stopped at a dhaba (roadside eatery) and we went there for a dinner, half slept. Also the drama of some drunker guys was already on. We again got in the bus, which moved ahead. Sometime late in the night, we were hitting the dangerous hilly roads of Himachal. The driver wanted us to keep quite and sleep tight but a few drunker guys were still shouting when the driver got angry at them and stopped the bus.

Other bus also came and stopped there but we had calmed down the driver by then. We moved ahead and eventually slept. In the dawn, some of us stopped the bus to get down for toilet and we could see the scenic look of hill state. Again we got in the bus until reaching the Shimla resort. After signing into our rooms and completing morning routine, we went on to have a look of the beautiful soundings.

And adventure begins…

Then, we went for a small hiking to hill near railway lines, were we did a photo-session. Came back gasping, we relaxed for some time, and had breakfast before jumping into pool to play Volleyball. Though weather seemed normal, water was icy-cold. Some girls started shivering in the pool, so did we boys too, but did not leave the pool for hours.

After sometime, I went to my room and had a bath. Then we took sometime for a walk, and had our lunch and kept playing badminton and random games. In the day time, it was a normal weather, not very cold. We went to our rooms for a nap as we had not slept properly in the night journey after a working day. After some talks with roommate, I had a nap. In evening, we were set for a small valley crossing experience in the resort.

We all met at the spot and took the adventurous experience of valley crossing one by one. They clamped the required accessories to us and made us hooked to the rope in the air and said to go on. It was the game of strength and we did it accordingly our respective strength. Then we came back to our room and had some rest.

Non-stop fun moments…

It was dark now and also raining outside. We realized,the weather was very cold now. So,it would have been a bad idea to go out without putting on some woolens. We went to the dinner venue, where a small informal meeting was set. After that, we played a singing game of two teams, and finally had dinner before returning to our room to sign out for the day.

That was all about the time we spent in this official Shimla tour. The next morning, after breakfast, we boarded the buses again and headed towards the national capital. Unlike while coming here, when we were sleeping in early morning, this time in the sunny day, we could take a full glance of dangerous roads amidst picturesque view of Himachal mountains.

We had some singing sessions again in the mid of the journey, but not that vigorous as they were while coming to the Shimla because this time we were exhausted. We would eat lunch at a dhaba in afternoon before continuing our journey. Having reached Delhi office late in night, we took some conveyance to go home.

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