JEE-NEET Row: Year has no Worth if Life Lost to Corona

JEE-NEET Row: Year No Worth If Life Lost to Corona

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JEE NEET 2020 row

Do we really need any JEE or NEET at this moment? It’s totally ridiculous to even think about any such common entrance test or academic session this year. This is the time, when this country is making the most notorious records of coronavirus cases in the entire world. What people need is a vaccine, not such exams and sessions, that you can can postpone for next year.

It’s also going to be a huge risk when millions of students will take these admission tests and than go back to their respective homes. If this happens, we will have to be ready to see a huge boom in already rapidly growing Covid numbers. Why the Government of India is so insensitive and insensible while making moves that involve huge risk of people’s life?


Centre adamant over JEE, NEET 2020

Education ministry has already cleared its stance by saying, Centre’s decision of holding JEE and NEET on scheduled dates is final and there is no scope of rethinking. Amid huge protests and government’s rigid stand, around 18 lakh candidates reportedly have downloaded the JEE, NEET admit cards for their respective entrance tests to be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA).

This is going on in the times of coronavirus pandemic, when a large number of voices have sounded from students, politicians, creative people, academicians and activists, including Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, against the conduct of admission tests, in which millions of students sit across the country.

In view of large number of candidates appearing in such tests, risk of infection becomes too high. While coronavirus pandemic is on its full swing in the country, students are going to face huge lack of transport means on the exam day. Also, students from far-flung areas coming to exam centres will need hotel and restaurant facilities. This will increase the risk of contracting to Covid 19 disease.

JEE NEET row: Rising concerns over life at risk

There are a number of issues that suggest conducting these large-scale exams is going to be a big compromise with the safety of students, and later of their families too. After exam, when they go back to their homes, if infected, they will bring coronavirus to their families too. Moreover, the country is facing currently a record flood situation in many years and decades.

These concerns have triggered a huge chaos in the country and also at international level. In wake of rising Covid pandemic situation in the country, as many as eight chief ministers from various political parties have demanded for JEE, NEET putting off, but got no heed from the Centre. These states are also mulling to move Supreme Court to rethink its previous order.

Earlier dismissing the appeals to not hold admission tests until the situation improves, the apex court had said, life moves on and we have to go ahead, without wasting precious one year of the students. However, the judgement did not go well with the people, who are more concerned about life than just a year, which is a small part of the life itself. If lives are at risk, what will you do with an year.

Nationwide protests against NEET, JEE

Also, this judgement of the top court is not in line with its other judicial statements in the corona times. In many recent judgments the SC said lives were more important at the moment. On over 18 lakh students’ downloading their NEET, JEE admit cards, education ministry has its own weird views. It said, this shows that students want the tests this time, and government is holding exams at students’ huge demand.

The Centre has made this loose argument with no base at this very critical time. You can see the students’ demand, but you cannot see the risk of lives of people in the country. For fulfilling some immature demands of students, the government will not even rethink when playing with over 1.35 billion lives. And that too after huge concerns of people from all the sides.

As per NTA schedule, JEE-Main is scheduled from September 1 to September 6, while JEE-Advanced on September 27. NEET is slated for scheduled for September 13. Many state governments and political parties are planning alternate routs to stall NEET, JEE in the country. So that people stay safe from enormous risk of coronavirus infection. They will hold online protests by posting texts and videos with#SpeakUPForStudentSafety.


Sometimes or often, politics outshines the real agenda of safety and prosperity of people in a developing country like India. Politics wins its game when democracy and constitution both fail to answer the core problems. Same is reflecting in the NEET, JEE row amid deadly coronavirus outbreak. Year will matter only if lives are safe. What will students do with a year if lives are gone?

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