Coronavirus is Airborne: All You Need to Know

Coronavirus is Airborne: All You Need to Know

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Coronavirus is airborne

You may be trying to save yourself from the deadly transferable disease Covid 19 by wearing mask, keeping at least three feet of social distance, avoiding to touch a surface and washing or sanitizing your hands time and again. Are you sure, you safe now? You may be, but think again. You may be hiding yourself in a safe zone but if it makes its way towards you through air.


Coronavirus is airborne, say scientists

You may be feeling safe till now but you will feel unsafe again after knowing that coronavirus is airborne. And I am not who is saying this but a group of 239 scientists from 32countries. Their study on the coronavirus transmission found out that the fatal Covid 19 virus is airborne. They asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to set new guidelines in the wake of these latest findings.

Here I am going to explain what is all you need to know about the airborne nature of Covid 19 and what can you do to keep yourself safe in the current circumstances. Weather the airborne quality of novel coronavirus is confirmed or not, our safety at the moment requires more attention. If the deadly virus can make may through air, anyone taking just normal precautions may still get infection. That’s why a few alterations in the current safety guideline is a must now.

WHO acknowledges Covid 19 air spread

WHO has acknowledged the possibility of novel coronavirus being in the air in specific conditions. The UN body has issued new guideline over coronavirus’ air transmission, adding new scientific evidence available on spread of SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid 19.

According to the UN heath agency, airborne transmission of Covid 19 is possible in health care settings where certain medical procedures generate very small droplets – aerosols. WHO has also called for more researches on immediate basis to find out various transmission routes for the novel coronavirus.

WHO insisted on need of determining how, when and in what kind of setting, the SARS-CoV-2 spreads among people. This finding will be crucial in the development of effective public health and infection prevention measures in order to break the chain of coronavirus spread.

As per the current evidences, Covid 19 transmission primarily occurs through direct, indirect or close contact with the infected persons, the agency said. Also asymptotic people can also transmit the Covid 19 virus to other people but its extent is still unknown and a re-searchable topic, added the agency.

How to stay safe from novel coronavirus

Here you need to know a few rules which you must follow in order to prevent yourself from Covid 19 infection.

  • Wear mask and Keep at least three feet social distance from people
  • Avoid crowd, close contact settings and poor ventilated places
  • Try not to touch surfaces and don’t touch your face frequently
  • Wash hands frequently with soap at least for 20 seconds or use sanitizer
  • Ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of environment, things and cloths
  • Apply respiratory hygiene and maintain immunity through exercises and simple diet

Don’t forget to follow these safety rules and never think you cannot get infected with the deadly coronavirus disease. Stay safe and help others be safe.

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