Coronavirus has Many Flavours; Low Immunity Key in Covid deaths

Coronavirus has many flavors

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Coronavirus has many flavors

Do you still believe that a person can have Covid 19 disease in just two ways – mild and severe? However, it seems that the things have gone much more far now. The deadly disease has many different flavors, not only mild and severe says a new study. And many other studies suggest that patient’s weakened immune system is key player in coronavirus deaths. Let’s have a look into these important researches. And, what do we need to do in the wake of these new findings?


Many flavors of Coronavirus

According to researchers, they observed at least five different kinds of immune responses from the patients against the coronavirus disease, not only mild and severe. The findings of latest molecular study are supposed to help target specific molecular changes during the treatment of Covid 19 patients in coming days.

The research team conducted this study to analyze that why some individuals become more severely affected by the coronavirus disease than the others. To get the answer, the researchers studied the patients’ blood transcriptome, i.e. the complete set of genes activated in immune cells of the blood.

Sharing the findings, the study co-author Dr Joachim Schultze of the University of Bonn in Germany said that there are different flavors of Covid 19 disease in the same way as there are different types of cancer.

The understanding of molecular mechanism will allow us designing tailor-made therapies and help in prescribing specific drugs for specific patients, added the researcher.

Role of immune response in Covid 19 deaths

Recently, a number of studies were conducted on Covid patients to determine prime cause of deaths during fight against disease. The excerpt of a study, published in a science journal – Nature – suggested that it is not the fatal coronavirus but the immune responses the patients that is the prime reason behind corona deaths.

As per many studies, immune system was responsible for organ damage in some of severe Covid cases, said the paper.

Covid 19 may have many flavors but what’s important for people at the moment is to follow prescribed safety rules. This can help avoid the disease and also try to build their immunity as much as possible.

How to boost and maintain immunity amid Covid 19

Here, I am providing the list of a few immunity boosting techniques. We all have to follow these to keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus.

  • Never smock as it weakens immunity and is injurious to health
  • Take simple diet full with vegetables, fruits and a few immunity boosters
  • Exercise regularly to maintain your health
  • Maintain healthy body weight and stay fit
  • Don’t drink and if you drink, do it moderately
  • Sleep well and adequately for good physical and mental heath
  • Wash your hands, vegetables, fruits, things and cloths thoroughly
  • Don’t take stress and try to manage it

Don’t forget to follow these steps to build and maintain your immunity in the days of coronavirus outbreak. Also don’t forget to maintain hygiene and keep following Covid 19 safety guidelines. Keep wearing mask and maintaining at least three-feet social distance.

coronavirus has many flavors, many flavors of covid19, covid 19 immunity boosters, covid 19 safety steps, coronavirus immunity boosters, coronavirus safety steps

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