Work From Home Model: Important but Boring

Work from home model

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Work from home model

Do you work from home? Obviously, you have to work from home during coronavirus pandemic. But how many days, weeks or month you will like to spend working at home. You are not sure about this because Covid is deadly and this is question of your safety. However, the one thing you must be sure about, more on less.

And that is, you get bored easily during your work from home days. And corona time is stretching long, thus you need to know some facts and figures. That will help you make your time fun and interesting working at home.


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Work from home model: You like it?

You may like working at home for one or two days in a week but it becomes tougher to continue after three days of work. Around 82 percent of employees would prefer working at home for more than one day in a week. But nobody would like to work from home for more than three days in a week, says a study.

After Covid end, many employees will still like to work from home for one or two days in a week. Among those employees who have never worked from home before Covid, as many as 85 percent would like to work from home at least one day a week after coronavirus crisis ends, says a Colliers survey.

The study revealed that 72 percent of the respondents felt steady and more productive while working from home. Around 25 percent of them accepted to have taken virtual breaks with their colleagues. Also, 25 percent used their camera for virtual meetings. However, 67 percent of them missed in-person collaboration, said the study.

Work-life balance

Work from home model has been beneficial for employees in many ways. Nearly 63 percent of employees accepted that they had a improved work-life balance since they began working from home. Around 89 percent of office goers indicated, they were feeling trusted by their managers while working from home, said Colliers research.

As per research, there are certain benefits and limitations of working from home for the employees. Work-from-home is good for individual focused tasks but collaborative activities can be better done at offices only, said findings. Despite working from home, 83 percent employees felt connected with their colleagues.

Employees who live alone showed better productivity during their work from home. A 25 percent rise was seen in productivity of employees having regular virtual breaks and meetings with colleagues. Overall, around 32 percent respondents showed increase and 28 percent felt a decrease in productivity during work from home. Other 40 percent indicated no change in productivity.

With rapidly growing figure of coronavirus cases in the world, a large number of office goers want to continue working from home. However, we all know this model if followed on a regular basis can be a mix of a boring, tiring or irritating experience after a few months. So, we need to remember a few more things to make our work from home experience better than expected.

Things to remember

Routine – Don’t think when you are working from home you should have flexibility of working hours. Your manager may not check you all the time, but it’s important for you to be at work during regular working hours.

Communication – Keep communicating with your colleagues in whichever tasks you feel the need to. As we know it’s teamwork, working from home should not halt your connectivity and must not harm your productivity.

Breaks – Take small and regular breaks from work to get refreshed for the next task. These short tea, coffee or refreshment breaks at regular intervals can energize you immensely and make you ready for more productive activity.

Exercise – Make it a routine. Exercises, workout, meditation or Yoga becomes more important when you have to be at home and work all day in front of computer. While carrying on with your new work culture, never compromise your health.

With everyone becoming more concerned about Covid 19 disease and its health impacts, work from home is likely to be part of our lives for a long time now. In such situation, we can take care of a few things, discussed above, to make work from home a habit in a few days.

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