Coronavirus pandemic: Did WHO fulfill early responsibilities?

Coronavirus pandemic: Did WHO fulfill early responsibilities?

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WHO responsibility during Corona

The responsibility of an organization, like WHO, becomes huge in recognizing and signalling something bad during early stages of pandemic. Where was WHO when Coronavirus made its first knocks at the door of the world from Wuhan in China?

World Health Organization (WHO) comes into own defense after strong accusations made and steps taken by America and European nations. After it delayed in declaring Covid 19 a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). The WHO has now updated its timeline of early pandemic stages.


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WHO responsibility during Corona

It claims that first pneumonia cases at Wuhan were alerted by the world heath body’s own China office, and not China itself. Earlier, the WHO had mentioned in its timeline that Wuhan Municipal Health Commission in the province of Hubei had informed first about the viral pneumonia cases and coronavirus symptoms in people on December 31, 2019.

Amid allegations from the USA and European countries of safeguarding the interests of China and not maintaining transparency during the early days of pandemic, the international body seems to have taken this U-turn. And it has manipulated records to show that it always fulfilled responsibilities, and has been neutral throughout the world crisis.

Earlier, the US President Donald Trump had announced to suspend funds to the world health body. He alleged that though the organization gets major chunk from the super nation, yet it is taking side of China. However, Beijing is the accuse of delaying information on Coronavirus outbreak. The disease has caused millions affected and large number of causalities in the US and across the world.

How WHO losing?

In retaliation and it’s response to the US move, China increased its funds to the Geneva-based body. However, still they were quite less in comparison to the America’s share. For the UN health body’s two-year budget cycle of 2018-19, the US government had pledged for a whopping $893 million. That include assessed contribution of $237 million and voluntary contribution of $656 million. WHO’s two-year budget to carry out programs in the world for 2020-21 is $4.8 billion or $2.4 billion per year.

UN health body, established in 1948 to ensure highest possible health for people in world, has emerged as close ally of China in recent years. Often slammed for corruption, racism and bureaucracy, the World Health Organization has a history of favoring China’s “One China” policy. Also, it supported the country on its dominating behavior with neighboring countries.

WHO facing criticism

Earlier, the WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was criticized from all sides for advocating China government’s Covid 19 response. He was also slammed for criticizing other countries for their response to the pandemic outbreak. Meanwhile, WHO has announced, its team will visit China next week to probe virus origin and spread to human beings. The announcement has come over six months after the UN body’s country office mentioned the statement of ‘viral pneumonia’ from the website of Wuhan Health Commission.

However, now it’s quite apparent to the world that China is the creator of the fatal Coronavirus. So, nobody is waiting for the WHO’s upcoming findings from its investigation in the country. In wake of all the facts and figures and WHO’s U-turn from its own words and records to defend itself from the world’s allegations, the international health body’s claims of fulfilling its responsibilities and being neutral in the early days of Covid 19 outbreak are quite doubtful.

WHO responsibility during corona, WHO works during corona, corona pandemic early stages, WHO U-turn in timeline, Covid 19 outbreak andupdates, coronavirus pandemic crisis

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