Vegas Cast Then and Now

Vega$ captivated audiences with its thrilling mix of crime-solving, glamour, and intrigue set against the backdrop of Las Vegas. Led by the charismatic Robert Urich as the tough yet compassionate private detective Dan Tanna, the show became a cultural phenomenon, earning a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. But beyond the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, the cast of Vega$ brought depth and humanity to their characters, creating a series that resonated with viewers on a profound level. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the iconic Vega$ cast, exploring their contributions to the show and where they are now.

Robert Urich as Dan Tanna

Robert Urich’s portrayal of the tough yet sensitive private detective, Dan Tanna, was the heart and soul of Vega$. Urich brought charisma and depth to the character, earning him widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Following his time on Vega$, Urich continued to enjoy a successful acting career, appearing in various television shows and films. Tragically, he passed away in 2002 after a battle with cancer, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances.

Phyllis Davis as Beatrice Travis

Phyllis Davis breathed life into the character of Beatrice Travis, Tanna’s loyal Girl Friday and confidante. As a widowed single mother who moonlights as a showgirl, Beatrice added a touch of glamour and intrigue to the series. After Vega$, Davis made occasional guest appearances on television but largely stepped away from the spotlight. She passed away in 2013, leaving behind fond memories of her time on the show.

Tony Curtis as Phillip (Slick) Roth

Tony Curtis’s portrayal of the wealthy and sarcastic Phillip Roth added depth and complexity to the Vega$ storyline. As Tanna’s primary client and mentor figure, Roth provided a unique perspective on the Las Vegas scene. Following Vega$, Curtis continued to act in films and television, cementing his status as a Hollywood legend. He passed away in 2010, leaving behind a legacy of iconic performances.

Greg Morris as Lt. David Nelson

Greg Morris’s portrayal of Lt. David Nelson, a no-nonsense officer with a heart of gold, was a standout feature of Vega$. Morris brought authority and integrity to the role, creating a compelling dynamic between Nelson and Tanna. After Vega$, Morris continued to act in television and film, though he gradually transitioned into voice acting and narration work. He passed away in 1996, leaving behind a legacy of impactful performances.

Naomi Stevens as Sgt. Bella Archer

Naomi Stevens’s portrayal of police sergeant Bella Archer added a touch of sass and insider knowledge to Vega$. With her sharp wit and sarcastic humor, Bella provided comic relief amidst the drama of the series. Following Vega$, Stevens continued to act in television and film, though she also pursued a career in voice acting. She passed away in 2018, leaving behind fond memories of her time on the show.

Bart Braverman as Binzer

Bart Braverman’s portrayal of Binzer, Tanna’s street-smart assistant, brought levity and humor to Vega$. As a former petty thief turned ally, Binzer added a unique dynamic to the series. After Vega$, Braverman continued to act in television and film, also working as a voice actor and appearing in numerous commercials. He remains active in the industry, enjoying a diverse career.

Will Sampson as Harlon Twoleaf

Will Sampson’s portrayal of Harlon Twoleaf, Tanna’s close friend and former comrade, added depth and emotion to Vega$. With his imposing presence and quiet strength, Twoleaf brought a sense of camaraderie to the series. Following Vega$, Sampson continued to act in film and television, also pursuing a career as an artist and musician. He passed away in 1987, leaving behind a legacy of impactful performances.

Judy Landers as Angie Turner

Judy Landers’s portrayal of Angie Turner, Tanna’s secondary office assistant, added a touch of sweetness and innocence to Vega$. Despite her occasional mix-ups and air-headed moments, Angie’s heart was always in the right place. After Vega$, Landers continued to act in television and film, also working as a producer and fitness instructor. She remains active in the industry, enjoying a diverse career.

Catherine Hickland as Julie

Catherine Hickland’s portrayal of Julie, Tanna’s younger sister, added familial depth to Vega$. Though her character only appeared in the pilot episode, Julie’s presence was felt throughout the series. Following Vega$, Hickland continued to act in television and film, also working as a singer and author. She remains active in the industry, pursuing various creative endeavors.

Finally, as the neon lights of Las Vegas fade into memory, the legacy of Vega$ and its talented cast continues to endure. From Robert Urich’s commanding presence as Dan Tanna to the memorable performances of Phyllis Davis, Tony Curtis, and Greg Morris, Vega$ remains a beloved classic of television history. Though the show may have ended, the spirit of Vega$ lives on in the hearts of fans, reminding us of a bygone era of television excellence. And as we reflect on the enduring impact of Vega$, we celebrate the remarkable talents of its cast and their contributions to the world of entertainment.

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