Travel to Neighbourhood for Happiness, Satisfaction

Travel to neighbourhood

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Travel to neighbourhood

This is not the time to travel anywhere as coronavirus pandemic has closed the doors around you. Being inside has been boring and irritating for many of us. But think about travel enthusiasts. How they have controlled themselves from going out to touch the wall in some other part of the world.

Even if we successfully eliminate virus with a vaccine, we cannot be able to mitigate its effects in near future. That’s why travel to a different continent or country will not be a nearest possibility. So, what can be a doable travel option for travel lovers in near future, is a question worth study.


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Travel to neighbourhood and explore

What matters is to find yourself at a different location. Exploring your neighbourhood can be as satisfying as traveling abroad, says a study. Taking part in new activities and having new experiences is the key. International travel is not possible and safe for now. Yet, visiting new park or locality near you can make you as much happy as being in a new country.

The research, of New York University, Columbia University and University of Miami, is based on the movement of 132 people. The respondents were aged between 18 and 31 years and living in the cities of New York and Miami of United States, over a 3 to 4 few months period. The respondents, who had new and diverse experiences, reported to have gained more happiness and other positive emotions like being excited, strong, relaxed and attentive.

To have such positive emotions, you don’t have to be on a long distance travel but a daily travel to any new nearby location can make you happy and satisfied, says the research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The key is to visit as many as new places you can in your immediate surroundings and it can be as thrilling experience, same as going on an international tour, said the researchers.

Good for mental health

People are feeling down while their stay at home due to Covid outbreak across the world. For travel obsessed buddies, it’s not less than set-back to not being able to see new stamps on their passports. Travel makes immensely positive impact on your happiness and well-being, weather exploring new neighbourhood or having a cross-city road trip.

Even anticipating your next adventure can give you better mental health results, says an earlier research. These mental benefits you still get even if you are not sure about the time of your trip yet. Travel and its plans are linked to various positive vibes like enhanced empathy, attention, energy and focus, said a survey done by Cornell University on 485 adults of United States.

People’s happiness is boosted even before they leave for a future tour. People are happiest even when they are looking ahead at the next trip, said a study of University of Surrey.Just an idea of going to a travel enhances your excitement and give you something to look forward to from your daily routine, said the research.

Travel brings happiness, creativity

Lasting happiness comes from investing in experiences not in material objects, says another study.The scientific reason the research offered was when spend money in material objects you buy them or adapt them,and your happiness with that object decreases day by day. However, by traveling you create memories which remain with you as a long lasting experience, said a study of Cornell University.

Adaption is an enemy of happiness because we are excited for a few moments after buying new things but happiness goes after a while, said the researchers. We adept these things, and they remain separate from us after all. However, our experiences are part of ourselves unlike material goods. We are the sum total of our experiences, the researchers added.

Further, adapting to foreign culture may help you gain more creativity, says another research. You go to a new country and try their apparel, food and lifestyle, maybe for a few days only. This new act performed by you at a new place offers you sense of creativity and innovation, which is satisfying. So, don’t miss it whenever you are traveling to another country.

Therefore, there are many reasons why you love traveling to an unseen destination of the world. Travel is the best experience, and an experience always remains a part of you. Good mental health, happiness and satisfaction are more than enough reasons to plan a travel frequently. If you cannot plan it for now, visiting a new neighbourhood can be the best idea.

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