The Tragic End of Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith Is Not a Cinderella Story

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith was a promising actress and model in the 1970s, known for her beauty and talent. However, her life took a tragic turn, and she died at a young age. This is the story of Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith, including her personal life and career, and the events that led to her untimely death.

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith was born on June 6, 1955, in Hollywood, California. She began her career as a model, and her striking looks quickly caught the attention of casting agents. She landed her first acting role in the 1974 horror movie “Massacre at Central High,” and went on to star in several other films, including “Caged Heat” and “The Swinging Cheerleaders.”

Despite her success on screen, Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith had a difficult personal life. She struggled with drug addiction and had a turbulent romantic relationship with musician and actor Chuck Negron, best known as a member of the band Three Dog Night. The couple had a daughter together, but their relationship was marred by Negron’s own struggles with addiction.

In 1981, Cheryl was arrested for possession of cocaine and sentenced to probation. However, she continued to struggle with addiction and was arrested several more times over the years for drug-related offenses. She also had financial problems and was reportedly living in poverty at the time of her death.

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith’s relationship with Chuck Negron began in the early 1970s. Negron was a member of the popular rock band Three Dog Night, and Smith was a rising star in Hollywood. The couple met at a party, and they were immediately attracted to each other.

Negron was married at the time, but he soon divorced his wife to be with Smith. The couple was inseparable, and they quickly became one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood.

However, their relationship was far from perfect. Both Negron and Smith struggled with addiction, and their drug use was a constant source of tension in their relationship. They would often fight and break up, only to reconcile and start the cycle again.

In 1977, Smith’s career was beginning to stall, and she decided to take a break from acting. She moved in with Negron, hoping to start a new life with him. However, their drug use continued to spiral out of control, and their relationship became increasingly volatile.

In 1978, Negron was arrested on drug charges, and he spent several months in jail. During that time, Smith continued to use drugs, and she began to withdraw from her friends and family. Her career was in shambles, and she was unable to find work.

In 1980, Smith was arrested for possession of drugs, and she was sentenced to three years in prison. She was devastated by the sentence, but she was also relieved that she would finally be able to break free from her addiction.

While she was in prison, Negron divorced her, and she was left to pick up the pieces of her life on her own. When she was released from prison in 1983, she tried to make a comeback in Hollywood, but she was unable to land any significant roles.

Sadly, Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith died in 2002, at the age of 47. Her life was a tragic reminder of the toll that addiction can take on a person, and her relationship with Chuck Negron was a cautionary tale of the dangers of codependency.

On October 25, 2002, Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith’s life came to a tragic end. She was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment, at the age of 47. The cause of death was later determined to be acute peritonitis, a condition caused by a ruptured intestine.

The circumstances surrounding Cheryl’s death were unclear, and there were no signs of foul play. Some reports suggested that she may have died from a drug overdose, while others speculated that her death was the result of a botched surgery. However, the exact cause of her death remains unknown.

The legacy of Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith is a cautionary tale about the dangers of drug addiction and the toll it can take on even the most promising of lives. Despite her struggles, she will be remembered for her talent and beauty, and the mark she made on the film industry in the 1970s.

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