The Most Expensive Items on Pawn Stars: Notable Treasures and High-Stakes Acquisitions

The Most Expensive Items Ever Purchased on Pawn Stars

The History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” has fascinated audiences for years with its eclectic mix of historical artifacts, unique memorabilia, and unexpected treasures that walk through the doors of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. The Harrison family, alongside their trusted team, have encountered a multitude of fascinating items. However, some acquisitions stand out not only for their historical or cultural significance but also for their hefty price tags. This article explores the most expensive items ever purchased on “Pawn Stars,” showcasing the incredible stories behind these remarkable artifacts.

1915 Rare Gold Coin

One of the most valuable pieces ever to enter the pawn shop was a 1915 rare gold coin. This coin, known as a high relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, is revered among collectors for its artistic design and historical importance. Named after its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the coin features Lady Liberty on the obverse and a majestic eagle in flight on the reverse. The high relief version is particularly sought after due to its limited mintage and the challenges involved in striking it. Rick Harrison, recognizing its rarity and demand, made a significant investment, understanding that its value would only appreciate over time.

1932 Lincoln Roadster

Classic cars often make a splash on “Pawn Stars,” but few have been as notable as the 1932 Lincoln Roadster. This vintage automobile represents the pinnacle of luxury from its era, featuring elegant design and exceptional engineering. When a pristine model rolled into the shop, it caught the eye of the Harrisons immediately. Rick Harrison’s love for vintage cars, combined with the vehicle’s excellent condition and historical value, led him to make one of the show’s most expensive purchases. The Lincoln Roadster not only exemplifies the opulence of early 20th-century automobiles but also remains a symbol of timeless style and craftsmanship.

Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar

Music memorabilia often fetches high prices, and when Jimi Hendrix’s guitar made an appearance, it was a momentous occasion. Hendrix is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock music, and owning a piece of his legacy is a dream for many collectors. The guitar, a 1963 Fender Stratocaster, was not just any instrument but one that had been played by Hendrix during some of his iconic performances. This piece of rock history commanded a hefty price, and Rick Harrison knew that its cultural significance and connection to such a legendary figure justified the investment.

Maurice Sendak’s Sketches

Maurice Sendak, the beloved author and illustrator of “Where the Wild Things Are,” left an indelible mark on children’s literature. Original sketches by Sendak are highly prized, offering a glimpse into the creative process of this literary genius. When a collection of his original drawings was brought into the pawn shop, it was an extraordinary find. These sketches, some of which were preliminary drawings for his famous books, represented a rare opportunity to own a piece of literary history. The acquisition was not only expensive but also a testament to the enduring legacy of Sendak’s work.

The Beatles Contract

Anything associated with The Beatles tends to be highly valuable, and a contract signed by all four members is a true treasure. The Beatles’ contract with manager Brian Epstein, often credited with shaping

their career and helping them achieve unprecedented success, is a pivotal piece of music history. When this contract was presented at the pawn shop, it was clear that it was no ordinary document. Signed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, it represents a moment when the band’s future was about to change dramatically. Rick Harrison, aware of its immense historical and cultural value, didn’t hesitate to make a substantial offer, knowing that such an artifact is incredibly rare and sought after by Beatles aficionados worldwide.


One of the more unusual and extravagant items to grace “Pawn Stars” was Robosaurus, a 40-foot, 31-ton transforming robot dinosaur. Originally designed as a mobile performance piece capable of breathing fire and crushing cars, Robosaurus is a marvel of engineering and entertainment. Its sheer size and unique nature make it a standout acquisition. When the opportunity arose to purchase this mechanical behemoth, Rick Harrison saw not only a potential attraction for the pawn shop but also a piece of modern pop culture. The purchase was a significant investment, reflective of Robosaurus’s elaborate design and engineering.

O.J. Simpson’s Bronco

The infamous white Ford Bronco, associated with the O.J. Simpson car chase, is a piece of modern history that drew widespread public attention. This vehicle became an iconic symbol of one of the most publicized events in American legal history. When the Bronco was brought to the pawn shop, it was not just the vehicle’s condition but its historical significance that drove the value. Rick Harrison, understanding its notoriety and the public’s fascination with the O.J. Simpson trial, made a high-stakes purchase, knowing that the Bronco would attract significant attention and interest from collectors of modern historical artifacts.

George Washington’s Suit

An item of unparalleled historical significance, George Washington’s suit, is one of the most expensive and prestigious acquisitions on “Pawn Stars.” As the first President of the United States, anything associated with Washington is immensely valuable. This particular suit, purportedly worn by Washington himself, represents a direct link to the founding era of the United States. The suit’s provenance and condition were carefully evaluated before Rick Harrison made the decision to purchase it. The investment reflected the suit’s extraordinary historical value and its importance as a tangible connection to one of the most significant figures in American history.

Finally, the allure of “Pawn Stars” lies not only in the eclectic mix of items that find their way into the shop but also in the incredible stories behind these treasures. The most expensive items ever purchased on the show highlight the diverse interests and expertise of the Harrison family, ranging from rare coins and vintage cars to music memorabilia and significant historical artifacts. Each item represents a unique piece of history, culture, or engineering, underscoring the shop’s role as a custodian of remarkable stories and timeless treasures. Through these high-stakes acquisitions, “Pawn Stars” continues to captivate audiences, blending the thrill of discovery with the deep appreciation for the past.

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