Banaras Hindu University

Freedom costs oneness: It’s time to Move Out of BHU

It’s hardly a month ago when I was really concerned about how all the assignments and presentations would be done in that tiny-mini period of time. Nevertheless, I was sure that I would be able to do it all in time but until and unless I got everything done, my anxiety was inevitable. And now when all that has been done in time, I am feeling much relaxed.

My Internship Days: First Professional Field Experience

These were the days when I first experienced the entire structure of the organizations related to the field I sought my career in. These were the days when I first observed the ins and outs of the work culture of those organizations. These were the days when I first became the part of those organizations. In short, My internship days.

Upcoming Spandan Days: BHU Annual Youth Fest

Last week, we got only one holiday which was national holiday – Republic Day. As always on a national festival, we felt much patriotic this time too, and I was filled with such feelings. It’s not that this feeling comes in us just on the occasion. Feelings don’t go out or come into us but always belong to us but on a special occasion a special kind of feeling becomes more prominent.

It’s Sanskriti Time: BHU Annual Faculty Youth Fest

For me, last week started with Sanskriti and ended too with Sanskriti. On Monday, 18th of Jan, I came to the university with a passionate kind of feeling. Actually, I was going to participate in Sanskriti, the Intra-faculty youth fest of Arts Faculty, BHU. This time I was going to rock the stage with mimicry performance.