Storage Wars Cast Then and Now

When “Storage Wars” first aired in 2010, it sparked a nationwide interest in the world of storage unit auctions. The show’s original cast members brought an unparalleled thrill to the screen as they bid on unclaimed storage lockers, hoping to strike gold. But where are these stars now, and how have they fared since the show’s early days? Since the show’s inception, these original cast members have seen varied trajectories in their careers, from remaining actively involved in the auction circuit to embracing personal endeavors away from the limelight. Their presence not only added drama to the auctions but also shaped the audience’s fascination with the world of storage unit auctions.

Dan and Laura Dotson
Dan and Laura Dotson, the dynamic auctioneering duo, were the show’s primary voices. Their expertise and quick wit added excitement to every auction. Since then, they’ve remained actively involved in the industry. Dan continues to conduct auctions and has even expanded into hosting charity events. Laura also contributes to the business while managing social media and public relations.

Darrell Sheets
Known as “The Gambler,” Darrell Sheets was a fan favorite for his bold bids and knack for finding treasures. Following his stint on the show, he’s continued to be active in the storage auction circuit, occasionally sharing his finds and updates on social media. He also deals in memorabilia and antiques.

Brandon Sheets
Darrell’s son, Brandon, was introduced as a young enthusiast eager to learn the ropes of the storage auction business. While he made several appearances on the show, he’s since kept a lower profile, focusing on his personal life away from the public eye.

Barry Weiss
Barry Weiss, the eccentric collector and fan favorite, was known for his unique style and incredible finds. After leaving the show, he briefly starred in his spin-off, “Barry’d Treasure.” Barry’s storied career continues with his love for collecting vintage cars and valuable antiques.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante
Jarrod and Brandi were a couple portrayed as novices when they entered the world of storage auctions. However, their business acumen and determination led them to become prominent figures on the show. Following their departure, they’ve focused on their family and their own thrift store, with occasional updates shared on social media.

Ivy Calvin
Ivy Calvin, also known as “The King of Palmdale,” brought charisma and a competitive spirit to the auctions. Post-“Storage Wars,” Ivy has remained active in the storage unit buying scene and expanded his business ventures.

Dave Hester
“Yuuup!” Dave Hester’s trademark catchphrase and confrontational style made him both loved and loathed by fans. Despite legal battles with the show’s production company, Dave has continued in the auctioneering business, occasionally making appearances in storage auctions.

Nabila Haniss
Nabila Haniss made headlines with her appearances on the show, where she was depicted as a determined and savvy bidder. Since then, she’s maintained a lower profile, focusing on her business and family.

While “Storage Wars” initially captivated audiences with its high-stakes bidding and surprises behind every locker door, the cast members have transitioned into various endeavors post-show. Some have maintained their presence in the storage auction industry, while others have taken a step back from the limelight, focusing on personal ventures and family life. The legacy of “Storage Wars” lives on, not just in the nostalgia of its early seasons but also in the ongoing passion for treasure hunting and the thrill of the auctioneer’s gavel.

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