Pakistan cannot Retain PoK for Long Now

Pakistan cannot Retain PoK for Long Now

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Pakistan to lose PoK

It’s high time Pakistan should understand that it cannot retain the India’s land, including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, for long now. At the time when border tension with China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is at its peak, war of words between India and Pakistan is also heating up over Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

That is because Pakistan is planning to hold elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, a part of Indian territory occupied by Pakistan. India has already opposed the neighboring country’s move to hold election. India said, the area is a part of Indian territory and Pakistan must return it’s administration to India. But Pakistan doesn’t understand the language of words. If it could understand, it must have stopped terrorism and conspiracy against India in all these years after independence.


Pakistan to lose PoK in near future

Going into history of India-Pakistan dispute, we will have to open its pages dating back to August 15, 1947. This day India got independence from British rule and divided itself to make a separate nation called Pakistan. Later on October 24 in same year, Pakistan occupied the western and northern parts of larger Kashmir region. This resulted in 1947-48 India-Pakistan War. India defeated Pakistan in all the four wars between the two countries fought in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999.

Kashmir region occupied by Pakistan is now known as PoK. The western part is referred as Azad Kashmir and northern part is Gilgit-Baltistan. Since the day it occupied, Pakistan has never safeguarded the interests of the people in PoK region. The Director-General of Public Relations of PoK has called for freedom from the country, citing mass-scale human rights violation of the people in the region.

Pakistani government and its administration violated human rights over 70 years of its rule in PoK, he said. Meanwhile, Pakistan has a long history of violating human rights of people in different regions. The country lost East Pakistan due to the same reason. Constituted as West Pakistan and East Pakistan in 1947, the country had to lose its whole eastern region, now Bangladesh, in 1971 India-backed liberation war.

Protests for freedom in Pakistan provinces

The protests by Sindhi people in the country have also a long history, sighting their human rights violation and Punjabi people benefiting with most of the country’s resources. People are asking for separate Sindh country and independence from Pakistan. Recently, during a massive peaceful protest held in Karachi against illegal arrests and enforced disappearances, several men and women, including students, were arrested by the police and security forces.

On the other hand, Baloch Liberation Army has been constantly protesting against human rights violation in the Balochistan for decades. It is asking for separate Baloch country and freedom from Pakistan. During the recent violent protest by Baloch protesters in Brabchah town near Afghanistan border, Pakistani security forces had to abandon their check-posts and flee to save their lives from the protesters.

Human rights violation is very common incident in all of the regions of Pakistan. Most of Hindus and followers of other religions residing in the Islamic country have been converted to Islam since independence. At the time when world asks its people to stay home during Coronavirus outbreak, Pakistan made its people homeless. Recently, incident of tearing down of houses of Hindus residing in Bhawalpur in Punjab province.

Human Rights violation common

Moreover, Pakistan’s close ally China is building the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), in PoK. And India has registered its protest against that. It said, the region is an Indian territory and China cannot take up any construction there. However, China has a tendency to enter the land of other countries, start construction of its own projects and then claim it to be its own territory.

Time has come for India to look towards taking back the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan regions from Pakistan and safeguard the human rights of the people based there. Pakistan’s time to control India’s land as PoK is will be over soon. Finally, the entire Jammu & Kashmir and it’s people will observe long lasting integrity, prosperity and safety as an Indian state.

Pakistan to lose PoK, Pakistan occupied Kashmir PoK, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan crisis, Pakistan controlled Kashmir, Pakistan administered Kashmir, India Pak war, India Pak border, line of control LoC, J&K Article 370 abolishment

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