Mr. Potato Head Goes Gender Neutral

Mr. Potato Head, the classic children’s toy, is undergoing a major change. Hasbro, the company that produces Mr. Potato Head, has announced that the toy will be going gender-neutral. Instead of separate “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Potato Head characters, the toy will now be sold under the name “Potato Head,” with gender-neutral accessories that can be used to create any type of potato character.

This change has sparked some controversy, with some critics arguing that it is a move towards political correctness gone too far. However, Hasbro has stated that the change is intended to be more inclusive and to reflect the modern world, where gender roles are becoming more fluid.

The Mr. Potato Head toy was first introduced in 1952 and has since become a beloved classic. The toy consists of a plastic potato-shaped body with removable pieces that can be used to create different characters. The original toy included a set of male accessories, such as a mustache and a hat, but a female version was later introduced with feminine accessories like earrings and a purse.

The move towards a gender-neutral Mr. Potato Head is just one example of how companies are adapting to changing social norms and attitudes. As society becomes more diverse and inclusive, it is likely that we will continue to see similar changes in the products and media that we consume.

In 2021, Hasbro, the toy company that produces Mr. Potato Head, announced that the iconic toy would be rebranded as simply “Potato Head” in an effort to be more inclusive and gender-neutral. The change sparked some controversy among those who saw it as a response to political correctness or an erasure of traditional gender roles in society. However, others praised the move as a step towards greater inclusivity and representation in the toy industry.

The decision to rebrand Mr. Potato Head came as part of a larger effort by Hasbro to update and modernize its toy lines. The company has stated that the change will allow children to create their own Potato Head families and playsets, rather than being limited by the traditional “Mr.” and “Mrs.” designations. The new Potato Head toys will come with a variety of accessories that can be mixed and matched to create different characters and identities.

While the change has been met with some backlash, it reflects a broader shift towards inclusivity and diversity in the toy industry. Many toy companies are now offering more diverse and representative options for children, including dolls with disabilities and gender-nonconforming characters. The move to make Mr. Potato Head gender-neutral may be seen as part of this larger trend towards greater representation and inclusivity in children’s toys.

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