You Have More Control Over Happiness Without Knowing

You Have More Control Over Your Happiness Than You Actually Know

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More control over happiness

What is something we keep chasing whole life but we find it only within us? We think money can buy everything in life, but it’s true that even money cannot buy it. It’s happiness. If we have everything but not happiness, we have nothing. If we have nothing but happiness, we have everything. We keep seeking happiness.

You may argue that if money can buy everything, we can buy things that make us happy. However, studies have proven that the things you buy are separate from you, and with time they lose their importance and your happiness decreases. Experiences are part of you, so happiness derived from them lasts long.


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More control over happiness: Smile frequently

What you can do for more happiness, is to smile more frequently in day to day life. Your smile triggers your facial muscles, which send positive vibes to your brain and this process makes you finally happy, says a study. While you smile, your facial and body expressions get changes by this movement and your emotions are uplifted.

While the study reveals important facts about mental health, it also helps in knowing what stimulates the brain, says researchers of University of South Australia. The study is critical during the times of coronavirus pandemic when stress, anxiety and depression are increasing in people across the globe. An effort of smile can make you feel more positive.

When you forcefully practice smiling, it stimulates positive emotions in your brain, also this process finally helps boost your mental health, says the study. The researchers have been replicating their covert smiling experiment since 2006. The approach of faking it till you make it, can be more effective than our expectations, say the researchers.

Self-care is happiness

When you engage yourself totally in the smallest pleasure, you are happy that moment, says a survey on self-control. You can be more close to your goal through self-control but if you enjoy little moments, real satisfaction comes, said the study of University of Zurich. If you don’t feel guilty of doing them, you will be happy.

You cannot be happy by skipping your favorite television programs of 30 minutes for cleaning your room. Better do both your jobs together and you will feel more satisfaction as well as better quality work. This is possible, but you need to make a balance. Just make sure that your binge watching should not be as long as 12 hours.

Researchers defended for a balance for a well-lived life. Just doing too much goal-oriented things cannot work for happiness, say researchers. It’s better to distribute time for work and rest both. Be goal-oriented in life but take time for your entertainment, interest, hobby and well-being too to be happier and satisfied.

Bond with loved ones

An 80 year long study has found the secret of happiness in life. And obviously it’s not the money, wealth or beauty. A Harvard survey, which began in 1938 to examine 250 respondents, said our relationship and bond with our near and dear ones in life have strong and everlasting impact on our well-being and happiness.

The relationship and bond you share with your loved ones keep you feel positive emotions, which are critical for your better mental health too. When a person can rely on someone in their good and bad times of life, they have lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Also, a good married life makes you happier than those who struggle, said the findings.

The study findings revealed that it’s loneliness that pushes people to sadness and depression. As lonely people age, they get their mental health more affected than people having happy social life. As per the study, loneliness also stimulates mocking and alcoholism. Moreover, tending to your relationship is a form of self-care, say researchers.

Contrary to general thinking that people cannot be happy in particular circumstances, these all studies reveal that they are more in control of their happiness than they think or know. It’s better to make efforts to be happy and make happy others around you than not trying at all. That’s how you live a life.

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