MacGyver Cast Then and Now


“MacGyver,” a popular action-adventure TV series that aired from 1985 to 1992, captivated audiences with its resourceful protagonist and thrilling escapades. Let’s delve into the cast members and their journeys from their roles then to their present-day endeavors. “MacGyver” centered around the ingenious and quick-witted Angus MacGyver, portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson, as he used his unconventional problem-solving skills to navigate dangerous situations. The cast comprised talented actors who have since embarked on diverse paths in the entertainment industry and beyond. Let’s explore their careers then and now.

Richard Dean Anderson (Angus MacGyver)

Richard Dean Anderson’s portrayal of the titular character solidified his status as a household name. Post-“MacGyver,” Anderson continued his acting career, gaining further recognition for his roles in TV shows and films. Notably, he starred in the sci-fi series “Stargate SG-1,” earning praise for his performance. Anderson also ventured into producing and remained active in the industry for several years.

Dana Elcar (Pete Thornton)

Dana Elcar played Pete Thornton, MacGyver’s friend and boss at the Phoenix Foundation. Post-“MacGyver,” Elcar continued acting in various TV shows and films, showcasing his talent across different roles. He remained involved in the entertainment industry until his passing in 2005, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances.

Bruce McGill (Jack Dalton)

Bruce McGill portrayed Jack Dalton, MacGyver’s adventurous and sometimes troublesome friend. Post-“MacGyver,” McGill continued his acting career, making appearances in numerous films and television shows. He earned acclaim for his versatile roles across various genres, becoming a respected figure in Hollywood.

Teri Hatcher (Penny Parker)

Teri Hatcher appeared as Penny Parker, a recurring character known for her quirky personality. Post-“MacGyver,” Hatcher’s career soared as she became a prominent figure in Hollywood. She gained widespread recognition for her role in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and later achieved success in “Desperate Housewives,” earning critical acclaim for her performances.

Other Cast Members

The series also featured actors like Elyssa Davalos (Nikki Carpenter), Michael Des Barres (Murdock), and others who made significant contributions to the show and continued to work in the entertainment industry post-“MacGyver.”

Present-Day Endeavors

The cast members of “MacGyver” pursued diverse paths after their time on the show. Some continued their acting careers, while others explored different facets of the entertainment industry or delved into personal interests outside of showbiz.

Their journeys beyond the Phoenix Foundation showcase their versatility and dedication. Richard Dean Anderson’s continued success in acting and producing, Dana Elcar and Bruce McGill’s diverse roles across film and TV, and Teri Hatcher’s prominent career in television exemplify their lasting impact on the entertainment landscape.


“MacGyver” remains a beloved part of television history, celebrated for its inventive protagonist and the thrilling adventures he undertook. The actors, through their roles in the show, contributed to its enduring legacy.

As audiences reminisce about MacGyver’s resourcefulness and daring exploits, they continue to appreciate the talent and charisma brought to the screen by the cast of the show. Their diverse paths post-“MacGyver” serve as a testament to the enduring influence of classic TV series and the multifaceted nature of those who bring these characters to life.

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