Jharkhand Tour: Edu Event in Remote Areas

Jharkhand Tour: Edu Event in Remote Areas

By Ashish Arora on December 10, 2014

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Jharkhand tour and travel

I was just back from Varanasi after a holiday in the beginning November, 2014. Reaching office, and I was told that three staff members have to visit three different states – Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand. This would be a month-long official tour. After that, other three members will replace each of them for another month in the respective state.

Among the three members chosen for the first round of the tour, was my name. After our meeting, they asked me to book my train ticket for the next day or the day after for Ranchi, the state capital of Jharkhand. So, I booked a berth in Rajdhani Express train for the day after next day.


Jharkhand tour and travel

This tour would be an educational event tour, organized and sponsored by two big brands, co-sponsored by our company. We would have to work in the respective state by visiting schools in small towns, villages and remote areas. We would give career counseling to the students who are forced to miss a good career due to absence of proper guidance.

I would board the train on the fixed date of travel to reach Ranchi the next day. Reaching the city, I would visit a few hotels nearby station and check in a suitable one. Then, I would take a bath and have my lunch in my room. I already had a talk with the ground team people who reached me in my room that evening. We discussed how it all was going to happen five days a week. Saturday and Sunday would be off as the schools remain closed on weekends.

Occasionally, I would make friends with some event team members from West Bengal, who would check out in some days. Also, in two days, we would go to some other hotel to meet another key person. He would be with us for a few days and become friend to me. I met some interesting and very friendly people and had a good time with them during this Jharkhand travel.

Edu event in remotest areas

Every morning, I would get ready after breakfast before the ground team came by that old, small car to receive me. And, we would move towards a school in some of the remotest areas of Jharkhand. When entire system was in place at the venue, I would introduce myself, give a presentation on career opportunities to the student. Then, I would ask them for their queries, hold contest, show them sponsors’ ads, and distribute our magazine to them.

Then, the ground team would collect all their set up and we move towards the city. If I reach the hotel before evening, would have my lunch. Otherwise, there would be an early dinner from a nearby restaurant before going to bed in my hotel room. In coming days, same would follow again and again until weekends. I would have Ranchi tour on weekends, with an event person or two or three until they leave back home. After their departure I had a solo travel opportunity on weekends.

Travel in Jharkhand cities

After around 12 days, I had to leave Ranchi as the ground team told me, we would be visiting schools that are very far from the city, so it would be better to shift to some relatively closer town. I checked in a very small hotel in Ramnagar town of Jharkhand. You cannot find good hotels and restaurants in this small town as this is not a travel destination. The good thing was that I would be staying here for six days only before shifting to next city relatively closer of next line up of schools to visit.

Then we moved in Bokaro, a big and well-known city in Jharkhand, thus got good hotel and nearby better restaurant too. Other things would follow in very same manner till eight days when I would come to know from office that my term in that Jharkhand event was over. Another member was joining soon, so I could book my train tickets for back journey. Exhausted then, I wanted to stay home in Varanasi for two days before leaving for Delhi.

I told to my office and booked a waiting ticket from Dhanbad station to Varanasi. The last day I completed my work a little early at the school venue in other remotest area, as the station was very far from here. I hired an auto rickshaw which took me to the city area, from where I hired a cab for the station. A very little time was left, and I was worried about reaching the station in time. The similar worry reflected also on driver’s face when I told him the same.

In the nick of time

However, we kept moving, hoping that train would be departing late that day. As we reached the station, we saw a train leaving. And cab driver said, “hope this was not your train, and next will be yours.” As, I entered the platform, I saw my train was still their, hopefully waiting for me. As I stepped in, it started its journey.

I was like, “just one minute late and it would have left”. Finally, I had the journey and left the train at Mughalsatai station, from where hired an auto rickshaw for Varanasi station, where got another auto rickshaw for home. I spent two days at home and booked a Rajdhani Express train waiting ticket to Delhi.

As I reached Mughalsarai station on journey date, was still in waiting list though at first rank, and could not board the train and came back home. Next evening, got a difficult ticket for a train from Manduadih station, and finally I reached Delhi next day. Here completes my education event tour to Jharkhand.

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