Nepal Shamelessly Claiming Indian’s Land at Border

Nepal Shamelessly Claiming Indian’s Land at Border

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India-Nepal border dispute 2020

Nepal government sticks to its fake claims on Indian land. Neither these claims are worth attention of India nor Nepal has any option except just showing India’s territory in its map and be happy seeing it in closed doors. As a totally selfish neighbor, Nepal wants whatever facilities they can have from India, and also eyeing at its land.

Nepal government has gone totally made over its revised political map. In the new map Kathmandu is showing Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura a part of its own territory. Kathmandu has now sent this fake map to United Nations and Google.


What Nepal wants from India in border areas?

Nepal has asked India to not restrict its people’s movement in the areas of Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh. These are the same areas, which Nepal claims to be parts of its own territory. Nepalese authorities said India should not put any hindrance in people movement through India-Nepalborder near Pithoragarh.

Further, the small country claimed that it has written to India to allow free movement of its people after the big nation restricted illegal Nepalese entry into the disputed territories that come under Pithoragarh division. However, these areas are part of India’s land in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand since ages. It’s totally India’s choice whom it should to allow to enter its border and whom it should not.

India-Nepal border dispute 2020: Nepal’s fake claims

Kathmandu is again claiming that under a treaty between Nepal and erstwhile British East India Company in 1815, the regions east to Kali river, including Limpiyadhura, Kalapani, Lipulekh, Gunji, Nabi and Kuti, fall under Nepal’s side. That’s why, as per Nepal authorities, Nepalese people movement is natural and India should not ban it.

Ratified in 1816, the treaty between Nepal and East India Company depicted river Kali as west border of Nepal. The country shows a false fact, which it has made the base of its border claims, that river Kali emerges from Lipulekh. New Delhi has cleared this so many times in the history that stating point of the river is in Kalapani and all its tributaries merge there only.

Such border claims of Nepal have no ground because these are based on an ancient treaty that is based on false origin point of the river. In subsequent maps of British India, the source of river Kali has been clearly defined in Kalapani. Relations have soured between the two countries after Nepal crossed limits further as an attempt to fulfill its greed of Indian land.

Recent developments on India-Nepal border dispute

Nepal government, recently, launched its new map, showing Limpiyadhura, Kalapani, Lipulekhand a few other regions in its own territory. Earlier it passed a bill in the parliament without discussing the matter with the neighboring country, which it used to refer as its big brother. It’s quite clear that communist government of Nepal is in influence of communist government of China.

Like China, Nepal has also forgotten to be in its own limits. Beijing uses its conspiracy and Islamabad uses its terror activities against India to enter its border. However, we wonder what Kathmandu has in support of its aims to encroach Indian land. It has nothing of its own, not even small percent of powerful border forces and lethal weapons like New Delhi.

Nepal stands nowhere close to India’s stature and power in 21st century. Like it’s counterparts, including Pakistan, Nepal is also a nation depending on other big powers for survival. Nepal’s youth has no option but to go to India and other countries for higher education and career building. The country has neither good universities nor industries to adjust its increasing youngsters within.

China using Nepal against India

Nepal is vulnerable to fall prey of persuasion by any other shrewd power. As per recent reports, China government has funded Nepal government to encroach India’s regions. China uses such needy countries, like Pakistan and now Nepal, for its own vested interests, and then take other benefits from these countries too.

As the communist nation is doing it’s ambitious construction work in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, now it has occupied Nepal’s land in over 10 mutual border places. Furthermore. this is the ugly fate of such greedy and cheap governments of small countries, like Nepal. The government of Nepal is reportedly involved in very huge corruption activities in the name of coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, its people are getting nothing but dying of the fatal virus.

Well, Nepal’s claims and its attempts to occupy India’s regions are apparently not worth attention. Because the big country must keep focusing on important issues, like coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic is the worst crisis the world is facing in current times. And Nepal must not forget its limit and stop now it’s acts of shamelessly claiming India’s land.

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