Eight Is Enough Cast Then and Now


“Eight Is Enough,” a heartwarming family-centric TV series that aired from 1977 to 1981, captivated audiences with the trials and tribulations of the Bradford family. The show boasted a talented ensemble cast, and over the years, the actors have navigated varied paths in the entertainment industry and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at how their careers evolved after their time on the show.

Dick Van Patten (Tom Bradford)

Dick Van Patten, portraying the role of Tom Bradford, the patriarch of the family, brought warmth and wisdom to the character. Post-“Eight Is Enough,” Van Patten continued his prolific acting career across film, television, and theater. He remained a constant presence in the industry, showcasing his talent and versatility until his passing in 2015, leaving behind a rich legacy of memorable performances and a revered status.

Diana Hyland (Joan Bradford)

Diana Hyland portrayed Joan Bradford, Tom’s wife, tragically passing away during the show’s first season. Hyland had an established career before “Eight Is Enough,” making her untimely passing a shock to the cast and fans of the show, leaving a significant impact on the series.

Betty Buckley (Abby Bradford)

Betty Buckley, joining the show in later seasons as Abby, Tom’s second wife, displayed her exceptional acting prowess. Post-“Eight Is Enough,” Buckley expanded her career across various platforms. She continued to shine in television and film while carving a distinguished path in theater, eventually earning a Tony Award for her remarkable performance in the musical “Cats.” Her multifaceted career and accolades solidified her reputation as a versatile and immensely talented performer.

Grant Goodeve (David Bradford)

Grant Goodeve, known for his portrayal of David Bradford, one of Tom’s sons, ventured into an eventful post-“Eight Is Enough” career. He continued to act in both television and film, maintaining a presence in various shows. Additionally, Goodeve pursued his passion for music and found success as a singer-songwriter, showcasing his talents in multiple creative avenues.

Willie Aames (Tommy Bradford)

Willie Aames, who portrayed Tommy, another of Tom’s sons, faced personal challenges post-“Eight Is Enough.” However, he persisted in the entertainment industry, carving out a career in acting for TV and film. Aames later found success as a voice actor, lending his voice to various animated series, establishing a new dimension to his artistic contributions.

Other Cast Members

The ensemble cast of “Eight Is Enough” included Adam Rich (Nicholas Bradford), Laurie Walters (Joanie Bradford), Susan Richardson (Susan Bradford), and others. These actors made significant contributions to the show and continued to pursue varied paths in the entertainment industry post-“Eight Is Enough.”

Present-Day Endeavors

The cast members of “Eight Is Enough” embarked on diverse paths after bidding farewell to the Bradford family. Some continued to thrive in acting, while others explored different facets of the entertainment industry or delved into personal interests.

Their individual journeys beyond the confines of the TV series demonstrate their versatility and dedication. Betty Buckley’s enduring success in theater, Grant Goodeve’s simultaneous careers in acting and music, and Willie Aames’ transition to voice acting highlight their diverse talents and contributions.


“Eight Is Enough” holds a special place in the hearts of many, celebrated for its portrayal of family dynamics and the enduring performances delivered by its cast. The actors’ contributions to the series and their subsequent endeavors showcase the lasting impact of the show and the versatility of its talented ensemble.

As viewers reflect on the Bradford family’s adventures, they continue to appreciate the talent and authenticity brought to the screen by the actors of “Eight Is Enough.” Their diverse paths post-show remind us of the enduring influence of beloved TV series and the multifaceted nature of those who bring these stories to life.

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