Cybercrimes: Terrorists, Criminals Active on Internet

Cybercrimes: Terrorists, Criminals Active on Internet

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Cybercrimes in corona times

During and after the months of coronavirus lockdown, a lot of people lost their sources of livelihood and many undesirable elements found it easy to make quick income sources through digital frauds by the use of internet. In a result, cases of cyber-crime have seen a boost across the world. In last few months of pandemic, a sharp rise in cyber crime has been reported by global agencies. The reports cited a significant upsurge of phishing sites across the internet.


Cybercrimes increasing during corona times

Criminals, terrorists and opportunists are capitalizing on this tough time for their vested interests. There was a 350% rise in phishing websites reported during the first quarter of 2020, said United Nations Counterterrorism Undersecretary-General Vladimir Voronkov.

Among them, many were targeting hospitals and health care systems, and trying to disrupt efforts to contain coronavirus pandemic, making the battle against Covid tougher, he further said during the first Virtual Counterterrorism Week at the UN.

He also alerted that in current times, terrorists are exploiting the considerable hindrance and economic hardships caused by Covid 19 outbreak to circulate fear, hate and division among people, and are trying to build their larger following.

Terrorists, criminals in cybercrimes during corona

Terrorists and criminals are using internet to generate funds by illegal trafficking of drugs, goods, natural resources and antiquities. They are also using internet for ransom through kidnapping, exhortation and other wicked crimes.

When almost all the countries across the globe are busy making efforts to contain the deadly virus, terrorists are taking the benefits from people’s grievances and poor governance to rebuild the grip of terror across the globe.

The Covid pandemic is one more opportunity for us to give suitable answer to increasing terrorism and violent extremism by exacerbating inequalities and continuing our fight against the terrorists and criminals to bust their attempts of exploiting Covid 19 for their benefits, said Voronkov.

Link between counterterrorism and transnational crime

The linkage between counterterrorism and transnational organized crime is complex and multifaceted, says UN Drugs and Crime Office Executive Director Ghada Waly. Nations have a range of new challenges to face, she added.

The newly vulnerable people due to pandemic may fall prey to organized criminal groups and terrorist networks. Terrorists and criminals may try exploiting and capitalizing on new vulnerabilities, she said.

Travel patterns and shifting of people during lockdown and restrictions may pose more border security challenges for the nations, Waly said. She also insisted the more than ever need of comprehensive and cooperative actions.

Criminals and terrorists are using a number of ways to commit cybercrimes and capitalize on the critical corona times. However, we can protect ourselves from falling prey to these fraudsters by following a few steps:

Protect yourself from cybercrimes

  • Make your passwords and pins strong and never share them with anyone in any case. Remember, your passwords and pins are meant only for you, and not for anybody else.
  • Don’t share your personal information or data to every other website or mobile app or people. Share it at a few authentic places or to people only if that is very much required.
  • Keep updating your business software or personal apps to make it difficult for the hackers to get your important information. Remember, the more you update, the more you are safe.
  • Keep private your social media profiles. The more you are public, the more you are prone to facing cybercrimes. Don’t add many unknown people to your social network as they can misuse you.
  • Don’t follow unknown profiles and pages on social media. Because some criminal networks or terrorist groups faking under the mask of good humans may cheat you there.
  • Use VPN for best cyber security of your software, websites and apps. This internet tool makes you sure that your data is not tracked or traced. And your internet traffic is not breached.

Cybercrimes by criminals and terrorists are increasing manifolds in the times of coronavirus outbreak. So, it’s important more than ever for people to be aware of how to save themselves from digital crimes and always be alert to undesirable elements at internet. Global agencies, governments and other stakeholders must take big steps to bust and contain such threats.

cybercrimes in corona times, cybercrime data and cyber security, cybercrime and cyberterrorism, cybercrime and counterterrorism strategies, internet crime and cybercrime, internet crimes against children, internet crimes that are rampant today

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