Flood During Corona: Children Worst Affected

Flood During Corona: Children Worst Affected

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Children worst affected by flood

Flood situation in India is worsening at present. Among the most affected states, the condition in eastern state of Bihar and north-eastern state of Assam is worst due to the continuous rains. Among millions of people affected due to ongoing flooding in India, condition of a large number of children is vulnerable in coronavirus pandemic times.


Children worst affected due to flood

As many as 2.4 million children have been affected by devastating floods in India, says UNICEF in a statement. Children have suffered the most due to back-to-back calamities from coronavirus outbreak to floods. Flooding in these days of year is common. But this kind of widespread scale of floods in mid-July is uncommon, said UNICEF.

This widespread flood situation has affected an estimated six million people, including 2.4 million children, in several region. The affected states include Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, said the international body in a statement.

UNICEF informed that it is working with government and other stakeholders for quick and effective results on relief efforts. During last few weeks, millions of families and children have been affected by natural calamities. This includes due torrential monsoon rains, widespread floods and deadly landslide in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, said the agency.

Flood situation with Covid making things tougher

Due to recent heavy monsoon rains, rising floods and continued landslides, children and families are suffering heavily, said UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia Jean Gough. This is perfect storm even for the regions, which are habitual of extreme weather conditions.

The extreme flood situation in the Covid 19 pandemic times has made the situation tougher to deal with. The coronavirus pandemic and its containment and prevention measures have made the things more complex. Covid 19 cases are continuously rising in some flood affected regions, Gough added.

She also mentioned that this mix of climate change and extreme weather events in times of coronavirus pandemic has emerged as a big issue. And all this has affected immensely the children in South Asia. She called  for an immediate support, more resources and innovative programme to fight the current challenges.

Children hit by flood, falling prey to traffickers

A global Non-Profit Organization has alerted that children in Assam can be easy prey of traffickers in this crisis time. The region is already in the grip of coronavirus and flood. Children of Assam can fall prey to traffickers in Assam, a state severely affected by flood and Covid 19 pandemic, said Save the Children.

Schools have remained closed for months during coronavirus lockdown. Also, the parents’ income sources have been heavily impacted, especially in tea garden areas and interiors. Traffickers can pursued these children with care, education and jobs, said the international NGO, which works forchildren in 120 countries.

The global NGO said that children from vulnerable section of far flung tea growing areas don’t have even books. And many of them don’t have internet facilities to attend virtual classes. Therefore, they have remained far from studies for my months now.

More challenges for vulnerable

Since their families have lost sources of income during coronavirus lockdown, these children have become vulnerable to human trafficking in current times. Now flood calamity, that doesn’t seem to be over soon, has made situation worst when their houses are under water.

Affected families with children are forced to live in make-in-shift relief camps. Women and children have been a major source of trafficking in Assam largely due to flood and poverty factors. That’s why they need extra efforts and care from all sides to be safe from trafficking during Covid 19 pandemic and flood crisis.

In fact this issues may prevail also in other flood affected states and regions across the country. Government, administration and NGOs must come up with a solid strategy immediately to provide better resources and relief to flood affected people across the country. So that they don’t face food crisis, and can feel safe from evils during these tough times.

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