Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Cast Then and Now


“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” emerged in the late 1970s, transporting audiences to a captivating future filled with intergalactic adventures and technological marvels. The series followed the story of Buck Rogers, a 20th-century astronaut who awakens from a cryogenic slumber to find himself navigating a vastly transformed world in the 25th century.

Portraying a world of space exploration, advanced technology, and thrilling escapades, the show captured the imagination of viewers with its futuristic narrative and the engaging dynamics of its characters. Amidst this mesmerizing world, the cast members of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” brought depth and charisma to their roles, leaving an enduring impact on both science fiction enthusiasts and television audiences.

As the show marked its place in the annals of sci-fi television, the actors who portrayed these iconic characters ventured forth on individual paths, showcasing their versatility and resilience in an ever-evolving entertainment landscape. Let’s delve into the evolution and diverse endeavors of the cast members from their roles in the futuristic saga to their present pursuits, unveiling the rich tapestry of their post-“Buck Rogers” careers.

Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers)

Gil Gerard’s portrayal of the titular character, Captain William “Buck” Rogers, propelled him to fame. Post-“Buck Rogers,” Gerard continued his acting career, appearing in various TV shows and films. He remained active in the industry, occasionally revisiting his iconic role at conventions and events, maintaining a strong connection with fans.

Erin Gray (Wilma Deering)

Erin Gray depicted Colonel Wilma Deering, a strong and resourceful character. Post-“Buck Rogers,” Gray continued her acting career, appearing in TV series and movies. She also ventured into business, becoming a successful businesswoman and advocating for causes she deeply cared about.

Tim O’Connor (Dr. Elias Huer)

Tim O’Connor portrayed Dr. Elias Huer, a prominent figure in the series. Post-“Buck Rogers,” O’Connor continued acting in various TV shows and films, showcasing his talent in a range of roles. His contributions to the entertainment industry extended beyond acting, earning him recognition for his versatile skills.

Thom Christopher (Hawk)

Thom Christopher brought Hawk, a bird-like alien, to life in later seasons of the show. Post-“Buck Rogers,” Christopher continued his acting career, making appearances in TV series and movies. He remained involved in the entertainment industry, showcasing his versatility in different roles.

Other Cast Members

The show also featured notable performances from actors like Pamela Hensley (Princess Ardala) and Felix Silla (Twiki), contributing significantly to the show’s success. They continued working in the entertainment industry post-“Buck Rogers,” diversifying their roles and making appearances in various shows and films.

Present-Day Pursuits

After the conclusion of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,” the cast members pursued diverse paths. While some continued their acting careers, others explored different interests or shifted focus to business endeavors. Their varied pursuits showcased their versatility and adaptability beyond their roles in the iconic sci-fi series.


“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” remains a cherished part of sci-fi television history, remembered for its futuristic themes and the memorable characters brought to life by the talented cast.

As audiences reminisce about the adventurous exploits of Buck Rogers and his team, they also appreciate the diverse and evolving careers of the cast members post the show. Their versatility, dedication, and lasting impact on the entertainment industry highlight their enduring influence in the realm of science fiction television.

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