Yoko Ono’s Long-Lost Daughter Has Finally Come Forward

Yoko Ono is known as an artist, musician, and peace activist. She was also famously married to the late John Lennon, with whom she collaborated on music and activism. However, a recent revelation has shed light on a long-lost daughter that Ono gave up for adoption many years ago.

The daughter, named Victoria Cox, came forward in 2019 and claimed that she is the biological daughter of Ono and a man named Anthony Cox, whom Yoko married in 1962 and later divorced in 1969. Victoria was born in 1964 and given up for adoption shortly after.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Victoria spoke about her life and her search for her biological mother. She claimed that she had always known that she was adopted but didn’t start searching for her birth parents until she was in her 30s. After several years of searching, she was able to track down Anthony Cox, who confirmed that he was her biological father.

With the help of a private investigator, Victoria was eventually able to make contact with Yoko Ono. She claims that the first phone call between them was emotional and that Yoko was surprised to hear from her long-lost daughter. Victoria described the conversation as “like a dream,” and said that Yoko was initially hesitant to talk about her past.

Despite this, the two have reportedly been in contact since their initial conversation, and Victoria has even visited Yoko in New York City. However, it’s unclear how much of a relationship they have or how much contact they have had since Victoria’s initial public announcement.

The news of Yoko Ono’s long-lost daughter has been met with surprise and interest from fans and the media. Many have praised Victoria for her bravery in coming forward and for seeking out her biological family. Others have expressed skepticism or criticized her for making the revelation public.

For Yoko Ono, the news of her daughter’s existence must have been a shock. She has not yet publicly commented on the situation, and it’s unclear how she feels about having a daughter who she gave up for adoption over five decades ago. It’s possible that the two will continue to communicate and form a relationship, or it’s possible that they will remain estranged.

Overall, the revelation of Yoko Ono’s long-lost daughter is a reminder of the complicated nature of family relationships and the secrets that can be kept for decades. It also raises questions about the impact that adoption can have on those involved and the importance of finding and connecting with biological family members, even after many years have passed.

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