Women Who Slept With Howard Hughes Reveal His Darker Side

Howard Hughes was one of the most powerful and enigmatic men in Hollywood during his time. He inherited an incredible amount of money, which allowed him to become a successful businessman, producer, and director. However, despite his wealth and power, Hughes had a dark and predatory side that was exposed by several women who had relationships with him.

Several women who had romantic relationships with Howard Hughes revealed the darker side of the billionaire playboy. They shared stories of his controlling behavior, guilt-tripping tactics, and even physical violence. Ava Gardner, who had a tumultuous relationship with Hughes, once beat him with a chair during an argument. Ginger Rogers was also a victim of Hughes’ manipulation, as he tried to guilt her into marriage.

Later in life, Hughes became more predatory and controlling, with Faith Domergue revealing that she felt essentially imprisoned by him. These stories shed light on the troubling behavior of a powerful and wealthy man who was able to exert control over the lives of those around him.

Ava Gardner, a famous actress, had a tumultuous relationship with Hughes. It was reported that Gardner hit Hughes with a chair when he came to her home drunk and abusive. Hughes also tried to guilt Ginger Rogers, another Hollywood actress, into marrying him. He even went as far as to buy a ranch in Arizona and name it “Ginger Rogers Ranch” in hopes of convincing her to move in with him.

As Hughes got older, he became more reclusive and paranoid. He was known for his eccentric behavior and obsessions with cleanliness and germs. He was even rumored to have purchased a hotel in Las Vegas just so he could watch the guests from behind a two-way mirror.

One of Hughes’ more disturbing relationships was with actress Faith Domergue. She met Hughes when she was just 15 years old, and he quickly became obsessed with her. He took her under his wing and promised to make her a star. However, his attention soon turned from helping her career to trying to control her every move. He would monitor her phone calls and mail, and even threatened her with violence if she tried to leave him.

Hughes’ behavior towards Domergue was essentially imprisonment. He even went as far as to construct a soundproof room in his home where he could watch her without her knowledge. Domergue eventually left Hughes and tried to move on with her life, but the trauma she endured during her relationship with him left lasting scars.

Howard Hughes was a powerful and influential figure in Hollywood, but his dark side was revealed by the women who had relationships with him. Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers, Faith Domergue, and others all suffered at the hands of Hughes’ predatory behavior.

Their stories serve as a reminder that even the most successful and wealthy individuals can be capable of heinous acts, and that it is important to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, Howard Hughes was a complex and enigmatic figure in American history, known for his wealth, power, and influence in the entertainment industry. However, as revealed by the stories of the women who were intimately involved with him, he had a darker side that included abusive behavior, manipulation, and control.

Despite his flaws, Hughes’ impact on aviation, technology, and the film industry cannot be denied. Nevertheless, his relationships with women and the ways in which he treated them have left a stain on his legacy. The stories of these women serve as a reminder that even the most powerful individuals are not immune to the consequences of their actions, and that their behavior can have a profound and lasting impact on those around them.

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