This is Why Meg Ryan Disappeared From Hollywood

Meg Ryan was one of the biggest names in Hollywood during the ’90s, known for her romantic comedies and infectious smile. But after a string of box office disappointments, the actress suddenly disappeared from the public eye in the mid-2000s.

In a 2019 interview with The New York Times, Ryan opened up about her decision to take a step back from acting, citing the intense scrutiny and criticism she faced as a Hollywood star. She revealed that she had lost her passion for acting and was looking for something more fulfilling.

During her time away from Hollywood, Ryan focused on her family and personal life, adopting a daughter from China in 2006 and raising her son with ex-husband Dennis Quaid. She also directed her first film, “Ithaca,” in 2015, which starred Tom Hanks and marked her return to the entertainment industry.

Ryan’s absence from Hollywood was also due to a conscious decision to avoid the industry’s sexist ageism and the limited roles offered to actresses over 40. In her interview with The New York Times, Ryan acknowledged that Hollywood’s treatment of aging actresses was a significant factor in her decision to step away from acting. Despite her disappearance from the Hollywood spotlight, Meg Ryan remains an icon of ’90s rom-coms and is still beloved by many fans.

After her breakup with Quaid and the release of “In the Cut,” Ryan took a break from Hollywood to focus on her personal life and her adopted daughter, Daisy. In 2008, she took a hiatus from acting to focus on her family and personal life. She later revealed that she struggled with anxiety and depression, which led her to step away from the spotlight.

In recent years, Ryan has made a few appearances in films and on television, but has mostly remained out of the public eye. However, fans continue to hope that she will make a full comeback to the screen soon. Despite her struggles, Ryan remains an iconic figure in Hollywood and a beloved actress for many fans.

After her break from Hollywood, Ryan largely retreated from the public eye and focused on raising her children. She adopted a daughter from China in 2006 and had a biological son in 2007 with then-boyfriend, John Mellencamp. The couple had an on-again, off-again relationship for several years before finally ending things for good in 2019.

In recent years, Ryan has started to make a slow return to acting. She had a recurring role on the TV series “Web Therapy” in 2013, and in 2015 she directed her first feature film, “Ithaca,” which also starred Tom Hanks. However, she remains relatively selective with her roles and has not returned to the level of fame she once had.

Overall, Meg Ryan’s decision to step away from the spotlight was a personal one, and while she may not be as present in Hollywood as she once was, she continues to work on her own terms and inspire others with her journey. Despite her absence from the spotlight, Ryan remains an icon of ’90s rom-coms, with her films continuing to be beloved by fans. She has also become known for her classic, effortless style and has been named as a fashion inspiration by many.

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