These Hollywood Marriages Lasted Less Than 1 Month: Now We Know Why

Hollywood marriages are notorious for their short duration, and there have been many instances where marriages lasted less than a month. While some couples may have rushed into marriage or discovered that they were incompatible after getting hitched, others had more unusual reasons for the quick annulment or divorce.

One of the shortest-lived marriages in Hollywood was between Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas. The two got married in March 1994 but filed for divorce just 19 days later. Barrymore later revealed that she had been under the influence of drugs at the time and that the marriage was a mistake.

Another couple that had a short-lived marriage was Mario Lopez and Ali Landry. The two got married in April 2004, but their marriage lasted only 18 days. The reason behind their divorce was that Lopez had cheated on Landry during his bachelor party, and she found out about it soon after their wedding.

Pamela Anderson and John Peters also had a short-lived marriage that lasted only 12 days. The two got married in January 2020 but split less than two weeks later. Peters later claimed that Anderson had married him to pay off her debts and that he had been “taken for a ride.”

In 1970, Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips got married, but their marriage lasted just eight days. The two were already having problems before the wedding, and their marriage only made things worse. Hopper later claimed that he was high on LSD during their wedding ceremony and that the marriage was a mistake.

In 2019, Nicolas Cage got married to Erika Koike, but their marriage lasted only four days. Cage filed for an annulment, claiming that he had been too drunk to understand what he was doing when he got married. Koike later claimed that Cage had been physically and verbally abusive towards her during their short marriage.

Britney Spears also had a short-lived marriage that lasted only 56 hours. In 2004, she got married to her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, in Las Vegas. However, their marriage was quickly annulled after they realized that it was a mistake.

There have been many other short-lived marriages in Hollywood, and while some couples have been able to work through their problems, others have not been so lucky. Some of the common reasons for short-lived marriages include cheating, drug and alcohol abuse, financial problems, and rushed decisions.

In the end, it is important for couples to take their time before getting married and to make sure that they are compatible and committed to each other. While Hollywood marriages may seem glamorous, they can also be short-lived and fraught with problems, as demonstrated by these famous couples.

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