The Price Is Right is Not What You Think

“The Price Is Right” is an American television game show that has been on the air since 1956. The show involves contestants guessing the prices of various consumer goods in order to win cash and prizes. The Price Is Right is a beloved game show that has been entertaining audiences since its debut. However, there are many secrets and behind-the-scenes stories that most people don’t know about. Here are some surprising facts about the show.

  1. The show was originally called The New Price Is Right when it debuted in 1956. It was created by Bob Stewart and hosted by Bill Cullen.
  2. The show’s most famous host, Bob Barker, began hosting in 1972 and remained the host until 2007. During his tenure, he became known for his signature sign-off line, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”
  3. The iconic “Come on down!” catchphrase was actually coined by the show’s original host, Bill Cullen.
  4. Contestants on the show are chosen through a combination of a random draw and a screening process. Prospective contestants are interviewed by producers and asked to play mock versions of some of the show’s games.
  5. Contestants who are chosen to compete on the show are responsible for paying the taxes on any prizes they win. This can sometimes result in winners declining certain prizes if they cannot afford to pay the taxes.
  6. The show has faced controversy over its pricing methods, which have been accused of being misleading or unfair. For example, some contestants have accused the show of inflating the prices of items to make them appear more valuable.
  7. The show’s set is designed to be colorful and eye-catching, with bright lights and flashy displays. The show’s producers have said that they intentionally make the set look like a “carnival” to add to the fun and excitement of the show.
  8. The show has had a number of celebrity guests over the years, including Snoop Dogg, Neil Patrick Harris, and Heidi Klum. Some celebrities have even competed as contestants on the show.
  9. The show has spawned a number of spin-offs and adaptations, including The Price Is Right Live stage show and The Price Is Right video game.
  10. In 2017, The Price Is Right made headlines when a contestant won both a car and a trip to Switzerland on the same episode. However, it was later revealed that the contestant had already visited Switzerland and had to decline the trip.
  11. The show has a dedicated team of wardrobe stylists who choose the outfits worn by the show’s models. The stylists have said that they try to choose clothes that are trendy and fashionable, but also appropriate for the show’s family-friendly audience.
  12. The show has had some iconic game segments, such as Plinko, Cliff Hangers, and Hole in One. These segments have become fan favorites and are often referenced in popular culture.
  13. The show has also had its fair share of bloopers and mishaps, such as contestants accidentally breaking game props or mispronouncing product names.
  14. The show has given away millions of dollars in prizes over the years, including cars, vacations, and cash. The show’s producers have said that they try to choose prizes that are both exciting and practical, such as household appliances or furniture.
  15. Despite its longevity, the show has faced criticism and controversy over the years. Some have accused the show of being outdated or overly commercialized, while others have criticized its pricing methods or treatment of contestants.

Over the years, it has become a cultural phenomenon, with fans tuning in to see the iconic game show host, Bob Barker, and later Drew Carey, as well as the famous Showcase Showdown and Plinko games. However, the show has also had its fair share of controversies and behind-the-scenes secrets, making it a fascinating subject for fans and critics alike.

Despite any controversy, The Price Is Right remains a beloved game show that continues to entertain audiences around the world.

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