The Naked Truth About Why Dian Parkinson LEFT the Price is Right

Dian Parkinson was a household name during her time as a model on the popular game show “The Price is Right.” She worked on the show for nearly 18 years and was one of the most recognizable faces on television. However, her time on the show came to an end in 1993, and her departure was shrouded in controversy and rumors.

Parkinson began her career on “The Price is Right” in 1975 as a substitute model. Her popularity quickly grew, and she became a regular on the show in 1978, where she remained until 1993. Her stunning looks, bubbly personality, and charming demeanor made her a fan favorite and a vital component of the show’s success.

However, Parkinson’s departure from the show was not as smooth as many expected. Reports emerged that she had left due to a lawsuit she had filed against the show’s host, Bob Barker, for sexual harassment. Parkinson alleged that Barker had coerced her into a sexual relationship while she was still employed on the show.

Barker denied the allegations and filed a countersuit against Parkinson, claiming that she had lied about their relationship and that it had been consensual. The case was eventually settled out of court, and both parties agreed not to speak publicly about the matter.

Despite the settlement, rumors about Parkinson’s departure continued to circulate. Some suggested that she had left due to her failing health or that she had simply wanted to pursue other career opportunities. However, Parkinson herself has stated that her departure from “The Price is Right” was due to her desire to start a family.

In an interview in 2000, with the Los Angeles Times, Parkinson spoke candidly about her time on the show and her decision to leave. She revealed that she had suffered two miscarriages while working on “The Price is Right” and that she had decided to leave the show to focus on starting a family with her husband.

“I left because I wanted to have a baby,” Parkinson said. “I had two miscarriages while I was on the show. I had to make a choice between having a family and continuing with the show.”

Parkinson’s departure from “The Price is Right” marked the end of an era for the show and its viewers. She had become a beloved figure and a staple of the show’s success. However, her legacy lives on, and her time on the show is still remembered fondly by fans.

In the years since her departure, Parkinson has kept a low profile and has largely stayed out of the public eye. She has made occasional appearances at charity events and has spoken briefly about her time on “The Price is Right.” However, she has not publicly commented on the sexual harassment allegations or the lawsuit against Barker.

In conclusion, the truth about Dian Parkinson’s departure from “The Price is Right” is a complicated one. While rumors of sexual harassment and lawsuits may have overshadowed her legacy, Parkinson has maintained that her decision to leave the show was purely personal. Her departure marked the end of an era for the show and its viewers, but her impact on the show’s success and her lasting legacy are undeniable.

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