The Benny Hill Show Cast: Hill’s Angels Then and Now

“The Benny Hill Show” left an indelible mark on television history, captivating audiences with its unique blend of slapstick comedy, witty sketches, and, notably, the glamorous Hill’s Angels. This ensemble of talented dancers and performers added sparkle and allure to the show, becoming an iconic part of Benny Hill’s comedic legacy. Let’s take a nostalgic journey through the cast of Hill’s Angels then and now, tracing their paths beyond the vivacious world of “The Benny Hill Show.”

  1. Benny Hill: As the comedic genius behind the show, Benny Hill was the driving force behind its success. His slapstick humor and clever sketches made him a household name. Despite some controversies and shifts in the comedy landscape, Hill’s impact on comedy remained undeniable. He passed away in 1992, but his legacy lives on through his timeless humor.
  2. Louise English: Louise English, a prominent Hill’s Angel, showcased her dancing and acting skills on the show. Post-“The Benny Hill Show,” she continued her career in entertainment, appearing in musicals and theater productions. English also ventured into television work and remained active in the entertainment industry, displaying her versatility as a performer.
  3. Sue Upton: Sue Upton, another standout Hill’s Angel, captivated audiences with her performances on the show. Beyond “The Benny Hill Show,” Upton continued her career in entertainment, often making guest appearances on various TV shows. She remained involved in dance and choreography, showcasing her talent and passion for the arts.
  4. Jane Leeves: Jane Leeves began her career as a Hill’s Angel on the show, displaying her dancing skills and charisma. Leeves transitioned to acting, gaining recognition for her role as Daphne Moon in the long-running sitcom “Frasier.” Her successful acting career led to various roles in TV shows and movies, solidifying her place in the entertainment industry.
  5. Helen Carpenter: Helen Carpenter was a notable Hill’s Angel known for her performances on the show. Post-“The Benny Hill Show,” Carpenter continued her career in entertainment, particularly in dance and theater. While she maintained a lower profile compared to some of her peers, she contributed her talent to various projects within the entertainment industry.
  6. Lorraine Doyle: Lorraine Doyle showcased her dancing prowess as a Hill’s Angel on the show. Following her time on “The Benny Hill Show,” Doyle continued her career in entertainment, appearing in various TV shows and live performances. She remained active in the arts, contributing her talent to dance and theatrical productions.
  7. Louise Burton: Louise Burton’s performances as a Hill’s Angel added flair to the show. Post-“The Benny Hill Show,” Burton continued her career in entertainment, embracing opportunities in dance, television, and live performances. While she might not have reached the same level of recognition as some of her counterparts, she contributed to the entertainment industry with her skills and passion.

The legacy of “The Benny Hill Show” endures, and the Hill’s Angels remain an iconic part of its charm. While some cast members transitioned to successful careers in acting or entertainment, others continued their dedication to dance and performance arts. The impact of these talented individuals on comedy and entertainment remains woven into the fabric of television history. Their contributions to the show continue to be cherished by fans, showcasing the timeless allure of Benny Hill’s comedic universe.

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