Spandan Losing Charm: BHU Annual Youth Fest Cut Short

BHU annual fest Spandan

The first week of Feb, 2010 was devoted to Spandan… Spandan, the Youth Festival of Banaras Hind University, which is known to be the most awaited programme for the students of the university every year. Students strive for getting a chance to perform in it, and feel immensely lucky if they got one.

Upcoming Spandan Days: BHU Annual Youth Fest

BHU youth fest Spandan days

Last week, we got only one holiday which was national holiday – Republic Day. As always on a national festival, we felt much patriotic this time too, and I was filled with such feelings. It’s not that this feeling comes in us just on the occasion. Feelings don’t go out or come into us but always belong to us but on a special occasion a special kind of feeling becomes more prominent.

It’s Sanskriti Time: BHU Annual Faculty Youth Fest

BHU faculty fest Sanskriti

For me, last week started with Sanskriti and ended too with Sanskriti. On Monday, 18th of Jan, I came to the university with a passionate kind of feeling. Actually, I was going to participate in Sanskriti, the Intra-faculty youth fest of Arts Faculty, BHU. This time I was going to rock the stage with mimicry performance.