Shocking Secrets From the Get Smart TV Show

“Get Smart” is a classic TV show from the 1960s that was known for its hilarious spy-themed comedy. The show followed the adventures of bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart, played by Don Adams, as he attempted to thwart the plans of the evil organization known as KAOS.

Despite its lighthearted tone, the show had its fair share of behind-the-scenes drama and shocking secrets. Here are a few of the most surprising facts about “Get Smart”:

  1. The show’s original title was “Inspection Gadget.” Creator Mel Brooks came up with the name as a spoof of the popular James Bond movies of the time, but it was changed to “Get Smart” by network executives.
  2. The “cone of silence” was a real thing. In the show, Max and his boss would use a device called the “cone of silence” to have private conversations, but it never seemed to work properly. In reality, the cone was a prop created by the show’s prop master.
  3. The famous shoe phone was actually invented for the show. It became such an iconic prop that Adams was given a shoe phone as a gift from shoe company Florsheim, and he kept it on display in his home for years.
  4. The show had a revolving door of writers. In its five-year run, “Get Smart” had 19 different writers, with Buck Henry and Leonard Stern being the most consistent. This led to a variety of writing styles and tones throughout the series.
  5. The show was nearly canceled after its first season. Despite its eventual success, “Get Smart” struggled in the ratings during its first season and was almost canceled. However, it was saved by a letter-writing campaign from fans.

Get Smart is an American television sitcom that originally aired from 1965 to 1970. Created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the show stars Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, a bumbling and inexperienced secret agent for CONTROL, a government intelligence agency. Barbara Feldon co-stars as Agent 99, Smart’s more competent and level-headed partner.

The show is known for its humorous take on the spy genre, with Smart often getting into ridiculous and over-the-top situations while trying to thwart the evil plans of KAOS, a rival organization bent on world domination. The show’s iconic catchphrases, including “Sorry about that, Chief” and “Would you believe…”, have become part of popular culture.

Get Smart was a critical and commercial success during its original run, winning multiple Emmy Awards and gaining a loyal fanbase. The show has been syndicated and re-aired in various forms over the years, and a film adaptation was released in 2008 starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway.

Overall, “Get Smart” remains a beloved and influential TV show that paved the way for other comedy series in the spy genre. Its humor and iconic props continue to be celebrated and referenced in pop culture today.

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