New Allegations Against John Travolta by Ex-Scientology Officer

John Travolta, the iconic Hollywood actor, has been hit with new allegations from an ex-Scientology officer, Samantha Domingo. According to Domingo, Travolta had a relationship with a male masseuse, who was also a member of the Church of Scientology.

Domingo claims that she was present at a meeting where Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, confronted her husband about the affair. According to Domingo, Travolta confessed to having “a problem” and said he would “take care of it.” However, Preston reportedly forgave him and the couple remained married until her death in 2020.

This is not the first time that Travolta’s personal life has been the subject of controversy. In 2012, a number of men came forward accusing the actor of sexual misconduct, but all of the cases were either dismissed or settled out of court.

Travolta has been a member of the Church of Scientology for many years and has been an outspoken advocate for the controversial religion. However, he has also faced criticism for his association with the church and its controversial practices.

Domingo’s allegations are just the latest in a long line of controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology and its high-profile members. The church has been accused of using tactics such as blackmail and intimidation to silence critics and former members.

Travolta has not yet responded to Domingo’s allegations, but his representatives have previously denied similar claims in the past. It remains to be seen how this latest controversy will affect the actor’s reputation and career.

Despite the controversies surrounding his personal life, Travolta remains a beloved and iconic figure in Hollywood. He has starred in numerous hit films over the course of his career, including classics such as Grease and Pulp Fiction. He has also been nominated for multiple awards, including two Academy Awards.

However, his association with the Church of Scientology and the ongoing allegations against him have raised questions about his personal life and beliefs. As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how it will impact Travolta’s legacy in Hollywood.

John Travolta was born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, USA. He was the youngest of six children in a family of entertainers. His father was a semi-professional football player and tire salesman, while his mother was an actress and singer. Travolta grew up in a Catholic family and attended Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey, but dropped out at age 17 to pursue a career in acting in New York City.

In his personal life, Travolta was married to actress Kelly Preston from 1991 until her death in 2020. The couple had three children together, a son named Jett who passed away in 2009, and two daughters named Ella and Benjamin. Travolta has been open about the impact of his son’s death on his family, calling it “the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life.”

Travolta is also known for his interest in aviation and is a licensed pilot. He owns several aircraft, including a Boeing 707 and a Gulfstream Jet. In fact, he once said in an interview that if he hadn’t become an actor, he would have pursued a career in aviation.

Travolta has also been involved in various controversies over the years, including allegations of sexual misconduct, which he has denied. He has been a member of the Church of Scientology since the 1970s and has credited the religion with helping him overcome personal challenges.

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