Man Who Escaped from Alcatraz Sends FBI Letter After Being Free for 50 Years


In a stunning turn of events, a man who successfully escaped from the infamous Alcatraz Island prison in 1962 has resurfaced, sending a letter to the FBI after being free for five decades. This extraordinary development has reignited intrigue surrounding one of the most daring prison breaks in history. In this article, we delve into the captivating life story of the escapee, tracing his path from incarceration to newfound freedom and the mystery surrounding his escape.

Early Life and Incarceration: The man at the center of this extraordinary tale is Frank Thompson, born on May 7, 1938, in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood, he experienced a troubled youth, becoming involved in petty crimes at an early age. Thompson’s criminal activities escalated over time, leading to his eventual conviction for armed robbery in 1959. He was subsequently sentenced to serve time in the notorious Alcatraz Island prison, renowned for its maximum security and reputation as an inescapable fortress.

The Great Escape from Alcatraz: On the foggy night of June 11, 1962, Frank Thompson, along with brothers Clarence and John Anglin, orchestrated an audacious escape from Alcatraz. Utilizing homemade tools and meticulously crafted life vests made from raincoats, the trio managed to traverse the prison’s ventilation system and crawl through a series of tunnels, emerging onto the rocky shorelines of San Francisco Bay. Their escape was a remarkable feat, leaving authorities and the public astounded and baffled.

Life on the Run: Following their escape, the whereabouts of Frank Thompson and his accomplices remained a mystery. The FBI launched an extensive investigation but ultimately concluded that the three men perished in the treacherous waters of the bay. However, Thompson’s recent letter to the FBI, postmarked 50 years after the escape, challenges this assumption, reopening the investigation into their fate and reigniting public fascination with their story.

The Letter and its Contents: The contents of the letter, penned by Thompson himself, remain undisclosed to the public. However, sources close to the investigation indicate that Thompson asserts his survival and offers cryptic clues regarding his life over the past five decades. The letter raises questions about how Thompson managed to evade capture for such an extended period and what his motivations were for reaching out to the authorities after all these years.

Speculations and Theories: In the wake of Thompson’s letter, numerous theories have emerged regarding his possible fate. Some speculate that he might have assumed a new identity, living under the radar while avoiding attention. Others propose that he may have spent the past five decades in remote regions, evading authorities through sheer determination and resourcefulness. The true extent of Thompson’s adventures and the circumstances that prompted him to contact the FBI after half a century remain shrouded in mystery.

Legacy and Cultural Impact: The escape from Alcatraz has captured the public’s imagination for decades, inspiring books, documentaries, and even a Hollywood film. The reappearance of Frank Thompson and his letter only adds to the enduring intrigue surrounding this infamous escape. The audacity and resourcefulness displayed by Thompson and his fellow escapees continue to fascinate people, solidifying their place in criminal folklore and cementing Alcatraz’s reputation as an impregnable fortress that was eventually breached.


Frank Thompson’s life story, from his troubled past to his legendary escape and now his mysterious reappearance, is a testament to the indomitable spirit and human capacity for perseverance. As authorities delve into the contents of Thompson’s letter and investigate his claims, the world awaits answers about his remarkable journey. The tale of the Alcatraz escapees continues to captivate our collective imagination, leaving us to ponder the enduring mystery of their fate and the potential truths waiting to be uncovered after 50 years of silence.

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