Life After the Olympics: 25 Olympic Gold Medalists Today


Winning an Olympic gold medal is the pinnacle of athletic achievement, representing years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination. While their moments of Olympic glory may have passed, the legacies of these 25 gold medalists continue to inspire and impact the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at the lives of these remarkable athletes after their Olympic triumphs. From pursuing new careers to making significant contributions in various fields, these individuals have proven that life after the Olympics is just as fulfilling and meaningful.

  1. Matt Biondi: After his swimming career, Matt Biondi became a successful businessman and motivational speaker, sharing his experiences and inspiring others.
  2. Apolo Ohno: Apolo Ohno transitioned from speed skating to become a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and television personality.
  3. Mary Lou Retton: Mary Lou Retton, the gymnastics sensation, continued to be an influential figure in the sport as a commentator and motivational speaker.
  4. Missy Franklin: Missy Franklin, known for her prowess in swimming, has since retired and become an advocate for mental health and wellness.
  5. Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner: Following a groundbreaking Olympic career in track and field, Caitlyn Jenner became an advocate for transgender rights and a prominent television personality.
  6. Bjorn Daelhie: Bjorn Daelhie, a Dutch hockey player, transitioned to a successful career in sports management and coaching after retiring from competition.
  7. Sawao Kato: Sawao Kato, a Japanese gymnast, dedicated his post-Olympic life to coaching and mentoring young athletes in the sport.
  8. Larisa Latynina: Larisa Latynina, one of the most decorated Olympic gymnasts in history, went on to become a coach and trainer, passing on her expertise to the next generation.
  9. Kobe Bryant: The late Kobe Bryant, an iconic basketball player, continued to make an impact off the court as an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist.
  10. McKayla Maroney: McKayla Maroney, a gymnast known for her “not impressed” expression, has pursued a career in music and advocacy, using her platform to raise awareness about mental health.
  11. Dana Vollmer: Dana Vollmer, a swimmer, has become an advocate for women’s health and wellness, particularly in the realm of postpartum fitness.
  12. Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle, an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, transitioned to a successful career in professional wrestling and entertainment.
  13. Ryan Lochte: Ryan Lochte, a decorated swimmer, has ventured into reality television and remained active in the swimming community.
  14. Nadia Comaneci: Nadia Comaneci, a Romanian gymnastics legend, became a global ambassador for the sport and an advocate for child health and education.
  15. Amanda Beard: Amanda Beard, a swimmer, has championed various causes such as mental health awareness and body positivity.
  16. Aly Raisman: Aly Raisman, an artistic gymnast, has become an outspoken advocate for survivors of sexual abuse and a voice for change in the gymnastics community.
  17. Carl Lewis: Carl Lewis, a track and field legend, pursued a career in sports administration and activism, promoting youth empowerment and equal opportunities.
  18. Mark Spitz: Mark Spitz, an iconic swimmer, transitioned to a successful career in business and motivational speaking, inspiring others with his achievements.
  19. Greg Louganis: Greg Louganis, a renowned diver, became an LGBTQ+ advocate and an influential voice in the sports community.
  20. Birgit Fischer: Birgit Fischer, a German kayaker, continued her athletic journey, winning Olympic medals even at the age of 42, and later became an environmental activist.
  21. Jackie Joyner-Kersee: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, a track and field legend, founded the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation to support underserved communities and empower young athletes.
  22. Muhammad Ali: Muhammad Ali, a boxing icon, left an indelible mark on the world through his activism, philanthropy, and powerful advocacy for social justice.
  23. Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, transitioned to a successful career as a team owner, businessman, and philanthropist, leaving an enduring legacy.
  24. Mia Hamm: Mia Hamm, a soccer star, has dedicated her post-Olympic life to empowering young girls through sports and advocating for gender equality.
  25. Usain Bolt: Usain Bolt, the fastest man in history, continues to inspire and promote sports development through various initiatives, including his foundation.


These 25 Olympic gold medalists have not only left their mark on the world of sports but have also used their platforms and influence to make significant contributions beyond their athletic achievements. Whether through entrepreneurship, advocacy, philanthropy, or mentoring, these remarkable individuals continue to inspire others and create positive change in society. Their life journeys after the Olympics serve as a testament to the enduring impact athletes can have long after the medals have been won.

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