Jeremy Miller Says His Addiction Started at the Age of 4

Jeremy Miller, best known for his role as Ben Seaver on the hit 80s TV show “Growing Pains,” has opened up about his struggles with addiction, revealing that his addiction began at the young age of 4.

Miller, now 46 years old, recently spoke about his struggles with addiction on the podcast “The Hills” hosted by actress and former reality TV star Heidi Montag. He talked about his early introduction to alcohol and drugs, citing his parents’ divorce as a contributing factor.

Miller recalled being offered a beer by his father at the age of 4 during a family gathering. He said he didn’t like the taste, but was intrigued by the attention he received from adults for drinking it. This early exposure to alcohol set the stage for his later addiction struggles.

As he grew older, Miller continued to experiment with drugs and alcohol, eventually leading to a full-blown addiction. He sought treatment in rehab multiple times, but it wasn’t until the birth of his daughter in 2007 that he was able to turn his life around.

In the podcast interview, Miller also talked about the pressures of being a child actor and how it contributed to his addiction. He said he felt like he had to live up to a certain image, and that drugs and alcohol helped him cope with the stress and anxiety that came with it.

Miller’s story is unfortunately not unique in Hollywood, where child stars often face immense pressure and are exposed to drugs and alcohol at a young age. Miller’s willingness to speak out about his struggles can help raise awareness about the dangers of addiction and the need for support and resources for those who are struggling.

Despite his early struggles, Miller has gone on to have a successful career outside of acting. He has worked as a software engineer and has also become a licensed insurance agent. He has been sober for over 10 years and is dedicated to helping others who are struggling with addiction.

Jeremy James Miller was born on October 21, 1976, in West Covina, California, to parents Michael Miller and Sharon Thomas. He was raised in the entertainment industry, with his father working as a producer and his mother as a dancer. Miller’s parents divorced when he was young, and he had a strained relationship with his father.

Miller was married to his first wife, Kimberly Ann Van Der Beek, from 1998 to 2001. They had two children together, a son named Sebastian and a daughter named Olivia. Miller married his second wife, Joanie Miller, in 2002, and they have three children together, a son named Lincoln and two daughters named Myla and Rori.

Miller has been open about his struggles with addiction and mental health issues. He has spoken about how his childhood trauma and his parents’ divorce contributed to his substance abuse problems. Miller has been in recovery for many years and has used his platform to raise awareness about addiction and mental health.

In addition to his personal struggles, Miller has also faced financial difficulties. He filed for bankruptcy in 2011, citing more than $300,000 in debt. However, he has since worked to rebuild his career and financial stability.

Overall, Miller’s personal life has been marked by both triumphs and challenges, but he has remained resilient in the face of adversity.

Miller’s story serves as a reminder that addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their age or background, and that seeking help and support is crucial for recovery. By sharing his own journey, Miller is helping to break down the stigma surrounding addiction and encourage others to seek the help they need.

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