Famous TV Couples Who Actually Hated Each Other in Real Life

It’s not uncommon for TV shows to have on-screen chemistry between actors playing a couple. However, off-screen, these same actors may not get along at all. In some cases, they may even despise each other. Here are six famous TV couples who actually hated each other in real life:

  • Vivian Vance and William Frawley – I Love Lucy

In the classic TV show “I Love Lucy,” Vivian Vance played Ethel Mertz, while William Frawley played her husband Fred. Despite their on-screen chemistry, the two actors didn’t get along off-screen. According to reports, Frawley would make negative comments about Vance’s appearance and weight. Vance also found Frawley to be gruff and unpleasant to work with.

  • Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher – That ’70s Show

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher played an on-again, off-again couple on the hit TV show “That ’70s Show.” However, in real life, the two actors didn’t get along at all. At the time, Kunis was only 14 years old while Kutcher was 19, which reportedly led to some tension on set. In a 2018 interview with Marc Maron, Kunis revealed that she didn’t like Kutcher when they first met, and even thought he was arrogant.

  • Joan Collins and John Forsythe – Dynasty

Joan Collins and John Forsythe played the iconic couple, Alexis and Blake Carrington, on the TV show “Dynasty.” Despite their glamorous on-screen relationship, the two actors didn’t have a good working relationship. According to Collins, Forsythe was often rude to her and would criticize her acting abilities.

  • Julie McCullough and Kirk Cameron – Growing Pains

In the popular TV show “Growing Pains,” Julie McCullough played Julie Costello, a love interest for Kirk Cameron’s character Mike Seaver. However, in real life, the two actors didn’t get along at all. McCullough has said that Cameron was extremely devout in his Christian beliefs and didn’t like that she posed for Playboy before appearing on the show.

  • Jason Alexander and Heidi Swedberg – Seinfeld

On the hit TV show “Seinfeld,” Jason Alexander played George Costanza, while Heidi Swedberg played his love interest, Susan Ross. However, in real life, the two actors didn’t get along. Alexander reportedly found Swedberg’s acting to be difficult to work with, and he even pushed for her character to be killed off the show.

  • Jean Hagen and Danny Thomas – Make Room For Daddy

On the classic TV show “Make Room For Daddy,” Jean Hagen played the wife of Danny Thomas’ character, Margaret Williams. However, in real life, the two actors didn’t get along at all. Thomas reportedly found Hagen to be difficult to work with, and he even asked the show’s producers to replace her with another actress. Hagen eventually left the show after just two seasons.

In conclusion, it’s clear that on-screen chemistry doesn’t always translate to real-life friendships. In some cases, TV couples may even hate each other behind the scenes. However, despite their personal issues, these actors were still able to deliver memorable performances on some of the most iconic TV shows of all time.

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