20 Rip-Roaring Facts About Justified

Justified is a critically acclaimed American television drama series that aired on FX from 2010 to 2015. It was a beloved and successful TV series that left a lasting impact on audiences and the entertainment industry. Created by Graham Yost, the show is based on Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole.” Here are ten rip-roaring facts about Justified:

  1. Timothy Olyphant Was Cast as Raylan: Givens After the Pilot Was Filmed The pilot episode of Justified was filmed with another actor as Raylan Givens, but after seeing the footage, the creators decided to recast the role. Timothy Olyphant was brought in to play the character, and he became synonymous with the role.
  2. Elmore Leonard Was Involved in the Show’s Production: Elmore Leonard, the author of the short story that inspired the series, was involved in the show’s production until his death in 2013. He even wrote an episode of the show in season two.
  3. The Show Was Filmed on Location in Kentucky: Justified was filmed on location in Harlan, Kentucky, which is where the show is set. The cast and crew spent a lot of time in the area, getting to know the people and the culture.
  4. The Show Has a Huge Following Among Law Enforcement: Justified has a large following among law enforcement personnel, who appreciate the show’s accurate portrayal of police work and criminal investigations.
  5. The Series Finale Was One of the Most-Watched Episodes in FX History: The final episode of Justified, which aired in 2015, was one of the most-watched episodes in FX history, with over 4 million viewers tuning in.
  6. Walton Goggins Was Originally Only Supposed to Appear in One Episode: Walton Goggins, who played the character Boyd Crowder, was originally only supposed to appear in the pilot episode. However, the character was so well-received that he became a regular cast member.
  7. The Show Had a Lot of Guest Stars: Justified had a lot of guest stars over the course of its six seasons, including Stephen Root, Margo Martindale, and Neal McDonough. Many of these actors received critical acclaim for their performances on the show.
  8. The Show Was Known for Its Sharp Dialogue: Justified was known for its sharp, witty dialogue, which was a hallmark of Elmore Leonard’s writing. The show’s writers and actors were praised for their ability to deliver the dialogue with precision and humor.
  9. The Show Was Nominated for Multiple Awards: Justified was nominated for multiple awards over the course of its run, including multiple Primetime Emmy Awards and Writers Guild of America Awards.
  10. The Show Has a Legacy That Continues to This Day: Justified has a lasting legacy that continues to this day, with fans still discovering the show and its unique blend of crime drama, humor, and action. The show is often mentioned as one of the best TV series of the past decade, and it remains a favorite among fans of the genre.
  11. The show’s theme song, “Long Hard Times to Come,” was written and performed by Gangstagrass, a Brooklyn-based group that blends bluegrass with hip-hop.
  12. Many of the characters on the show were inspired by real-life people that creator Graham Yost met while researching the area in Kentucky where the show is set.
  13. Raylan Givens’ trademark Stetson hat was actually a last-minute addition to the character’s wardrobe. Timothy Olyphant suggested it during the first day of filming, and it became a defining part of the character’s look.
  14. The show’s signature “justified” kill scenes, in which Raylan dispatches a criminal in a quick, efficient manner, were inspired by real-life incidents of law enforcement officers taking out suspects in similar ways.
  15. Boyd Crowder’s signature phrase, “We dug coal together,” was inspired by a real-life saying in the coal mining community, where people often say that they have a shared history with someone if they grew up in the same area.
  16. The show’s writers had to be creative when it came to finding ways to incorporate the harsh Kentucky dialect into the dialogue, as it can be difficult for non-natives to understand.
  17. Some of the show’s most memorable scenes were actually improvised by the actors. For example, the scene in which Raylan and Boyd have a tense conversation while sitting on a porch swing was not scripted, but rather developed on the spot by Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins.
  18. Despite the show’s critical acclaim, it was never a huge ratings success, with its audience peaking at around 4 million viewers in its third season.
  19. The show’s writers had to come up with creative ways to include guest stars who were only available for a limited amount of time. For example, Margo Martindale’s character was written out of the show in a way that allowed her to return for a few episodes in later seasons.
  20. Graham Yost has said that he sees the show as a modern-day Western, with Raylan Givens as a cowboy figure who must navigate a lawless world. This is reflected in the show’s themes of justice, revenge, and redemption.

Overall, Justified’s talented cast, sharp writing, and authentic portrayal of Kentucky culture and law enforcement made it a standout show that continues to attract new viewers today. From its iconic characters to its memorable dialogue and thrilling storylines, Justified is a show that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

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