15 Top-Secret Facts About Get Smart

Get Smart was a classic comedy series that aired from 1965 to 1970. The show starred Don Adams as bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart and Barbara Feldon as his smart and capable partner, Agent 99. While the show was known for its clever humor and memorable characters, it also had its fair share of top-secret facts and behind-the-scenes secrets. Here are 15 of the most interesting:

  1. The show was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, who wrote the pilot episode in just three days.
  2. The show’s iconic opening sequence, which features Smart walking through a series of doors, was actually filmed in one take.
  3. The “cone of silence,” a recurring joke on the show, was actually a real device created by the government in the 1950s to protect classified conversations from being overheard.
  4. The show was originally titled “Get Smart, Once” before it was changed to simply “Get Smart.”
  5. Don Adams’ signature catchphrase, “Would you believe…” was actually a real-life phrase he used in his personal life.
  6. The character of Agent 99 was originally supposed to be a minor character, but Barbara Feldon’s chemistry with Don Adams led to her becoming a regular cast member.
  7. The shoe phone, another iconic gadget on the show, was actually inspired by a real shoe phone that was created by the CIA.
  8. The show’s producers were initially worried that the show’s humor wouldn’t translate to international audiences, but it ended up becoming a hit around the world.
  9. The show was originally supposed to be shot in black and white, but NBC insisted on it being shot in color to compete with other popular shows at the time.
  10. The character of Siegfried, the show’s main villain, was named after Siegfried Sassoon, a World War I poet and soldier.
  11. In the original pilot episode, Smart’s boss was played by character actor J. Edward McKinley. However, the role was recast with Edward Platt for the rest of the series.
  12. The show’s writers often struggled to come up with new ideas for gadgets and spy tools, which led to some of the more outrageous and ridiculous inventions on the show.
  13. The show was nominated for several Emmy awards during its run, including Outstanding Comedy Series in 1966 and 1967.
  14. The show’s popularity led to a spin-off series, “The Nude Bomb,” which was released in 1980. However, the film was a critical and commercial flop.
  15. The show’s legacy has lived on long after its cancellation, with numerous references and parodies in popular culture, including the hit animated series “The Simpsons.”

Get Smart was a groundbreaking series that helped to redefine the spy genre on television. Its clever humor, memorable characters, and iconic gadgets have made it a classic that is still beloved by audiences today. These top-secret facts serve as a reminder of the show’s enduring legacy and its place in television history.

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