15 Things You Forgot About My Three Sons

My Three Sons was a classic American television show that aired from 1960 to 1972, featuring the Douglas family and their three sons. The show was a big hit in its time, and has remained a beloved classic even today. Here are 15 things you may have forgotten about this iconic show.

  1. My Three Sons was the first show to feature a widower as the lead character. Fred MacMurray played Steve Douglas, a widower with three sons.
  2. The show was originally supposed to be called The Fred MacMurray Show, but was changed to My Three Sons to appeal to a broader audience.
  3. The character of Uncle Charley, played by William Demarest, was added to the show in season four to replace the departing William Frawley.
  4. The show was set in the fictional town of Bryant Park, California.
  5. Steve Douglas was an aeronautical engineer, which was a nod to MacMurray’s real-life interest in aviation.
  6. The show’s iconic theme song was written by composer Frank DeVol.
  7. The show had a unique filming schedule, with two episodes being filmed every nine days.
  8. Don Grady, who played the middle son, Robbie Douglas, was a trained musician and wrote several of the show’s theme songs.
  9. Barry Livingston, who played the youngest son, Ernie Douglas, was the younger brother of Stanley Livingston, who played the character of Chip Douglas.
  10. The show featured a number of notable guest stars, including Lucille Ball, Ann-Margret, and Tina Cole.
  11. My Three Sons was a major hit during its run, consistently ranking in the top 20 shows in the Nielsen ratings.
  12. The show’s popularity led to several spin-offs, including the short-lived My Three Sons in the Seventies and the animated series My Three Sons.
  13. The show was known for its wholesome family values, and often tackled serious issues like racism and drug abuse.
  14. The show was filmed in black and white for its first five seasons, and then switched to color for the remainder of its run.
  15. My Three Sons remains a beloved classic today, with many fans still enjoying re-runs and DVDs of the show.

In conclusion, My Three Sons was a groundbreaking show that paved the way for future family sitcoms. Moreover, its wholesome values, relatable characters, and catchy theme song helped make it a hit with audiences of all ages. Even though the show ended almost 50 years ago, it still holds a special place in the hearts of fans around the world.

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