15 Fights That Happened on Saturday Night Live

As one of the longest-running television shows in history, Saturday Night Live has seen its fair share of drama and tension behind the scenes. Over the years, there have been numerous instances of cast members, hosts, and even crew members getting into arguments and fights. Some of these incidents have been well-publicized, while others have been kept under wraps. From heated disagreements to physical altercations, here are 15 fights that happened on Saturday Night Live:

  • Chevy Chase vs. Bill Murray: The two comedians had a physical altercation backstage at SNL in 1978, reportedly over a joke Chase made about Murray’s wife.
  • Norm Macdonald vs. Don Ohlmeyer: Macdonald was fired from SNL in 1998 allegedly due to Ohlmeyer’s disapproval of his Weekend Update jokes about O.J. Simpson.
  • Adam Sandler vs. David Spade: Sandler and Spade had a heated argument during a table read, with Spade accusing Sandler of not putting in enough effort on a sketch.
  • Kristen Wiig vs. Jenny Slate: Wiig reportedly got upset with Slate for breaking character during a sketch, leading to tension between the two.
  • Eddie Murphy vs. David Spade: Murphy took offense to a joke Spade made about him during his absence from SNL, leading to a verbal altercation.
  • Charles Rocket vs. the Entire Cast: Rocket was fired from SNL in 1981 after he said the F-word on live TV, leading to a confrontation with the cast.
  • Cheri Oteri vs. Will Ferrell: Oteri and Ferrell had a falling out during their time on SNL, reportedly due to creative differences and Oteri feeling overshadowed by Ferrell’s popularity.
  • Tracy Morgan vs. Chris Kattan: Morgan and Kattan had a heated argument during rehearsals, with Morgan accusing Kattan of being difficult to work with.
  • Chris Farley vs. Rob Lowe: Farley and Lowe had a physical altercation backstage after Farley accused Lowe of stealing his girlfriend.
  • Martin Short vs. Billy Crystal: Short and Crystal had a disagreement during a sketch, with Crystal reportedly criticizing Short’s performance.
  • Andy Samberg vs. Lorne Michaels: Samberg and Michaels had a tense exchange during a pitch meeting, with Samberg feeling that Michaels wasn’t giving his ideas enough consideration.
  • John Belushi vs. Chevy Chase: Belushi and Chase had a strained relationship during their time on SNL, with Belushi feeling that Chase was arrogant and took credit for his work.
  • Joe Piscopo vs. Eddie Murphy: Piscopo and Murphy had a falling out during their time on SNL, reportedly due to Piscopo feeling overshadowed by Murphy’s popularity.
  • Jane Curtin vs. John Belushi: Curtin and Belushi had a heated argument during a sketch, with Belushi reportedly making sexist comments towards Curtin.
  • Darrell Hammond vs. Norm Macdonald: Hammond and Macdonald had a disagreement over a sketch, with Hammond feeling that Macdonald was being unprofessional.

While some of these fights were resolved quickly and forgotten, others resulted in long-standing grudges and even departures from the show. Despite the drama, Saturday Night Live remains a beloved institution and continues to entertain audiences with its irreverent humor and iconic sketches. Despite the conflicts, Saturday Night Live continues to be a beloved show and a platform for some of the greatest comedic talents in history.

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