15 Facts Howard Stern Doesn’t Want You to Know

Howard Stern is a household name in the world of American entertainment, having made a name for himself as a radio personality, author, and television host. Known for his often controversial and provocative approach to entertainment, Stern has been in the public eye for several decades. While many of his fans admire his unapologetic style, there are some dark secrets that he would prefer to keep hidden from the public eye.

In this article, we will be exploring 15 facts about Howard Stern that he may not want you to know. While some of these facts may be shocking or disturbing, they are not intended to defame Stern or diminish his accomplishments. Rather, they serve as a reminder that public figures are human beings with flaws and imperfections, and that the public has the right to know the facts about those they admire, even if they are uncomfortable.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the 15 facts about Howard Stern that he may not want you to know. From his controversial past to his private life, we will take a closer look at the man behind the microphone, and uncover some of the secrets that he has tried to keep hidden from his fans and the public. Here are the 15 facts and secrets about Howard Stern that he may not want you to know:

  1. Stern’s past struggles with mental health: In his book “Private Parts,” Stern revealed that he suffered from depression and anxiety throughout his life.
  2. His first marriage ended in infidelity: Stern was married to his college sweetheart, Alison Berns, for 23 years before their divorce in 2001. The split was reportedly caused by Stern’s infidelity.
  3. He has a history of controversial statements: Stern has been accused of making racist, sexist, and homophobic comments on his radio show and in interviews.
  4. Stern has had legal issues with the FCC: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined Stern’s radio show for indecency several times throughout the years.
  5. Stern had a feud with former co-host Artie Lange: Lange was a popular co-host on Stern’s radio show for several years, but their relationship ended bitterly in 2009.
  6. Stern was once addicted to painkillers: In the mid-1990s, Stern became addicted to painkillers after undergoing surgery.
  7. He has been accused of being narcissistic: Stern’s critics have accused him of being self-centered and egotistical.
  8. Stern was sued by a former employee: In 2004, a former employee of Stern’s radio show sued him for sexual harassment.
  9. His radio show was temporarily canceled after 9/11: Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Stern’s radio show was suspended for several days.
  10. Stern has a history of controversial interviews: Stern has been criticized for his aggressive interviewing style, particularly in interviews with celebrities.
  11. He has a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump: Stern has been friends with former President Donald Trump for many years, but their relationship has been strained in recent years.
  12. Stern has been open about his plastic surgeries: The radio personality has admitted to getting multiple plastic surgeries over the years.
  13. He has been accused of exploiting mentally ill guests: Some of Stern’s critics have accused him of exploiting guests with mental health issues for entertainment.
  14. Stern has a net worth of over $650 million: According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stern is one of the wealthiest radio personalities in the world.
  15. He has been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame: In 2012, Stern was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to the radio industry.

These are just a few of the facts and secrets about Howard Stern that he may not want you to know. While some of these revelations may be surprising, they offer a glimpse into the complex and controversial personality of this well-known radio host.

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