12 Facts About Lost in Space That Are Out of This World

Lost in Space is a science fiction television series that was first aired in 1965. The show, which was created by Irwin Allen, ran for three seasons and a total of 83 episodes. The story revolves around the Robinson family, who are sent into space to colonize a new planet. Along with their trusty robot and the nefarious Dr. Smith, they embark on a series of adventures that capture the imagination of audiences around the world. Here are 12 facts about Lost in Space that are out of this world.

  1. The show was originally intended to be a serious science fiction drama, but it was later changed to a more family-friendly show with a more comedic tone.
  2. The original pilot episode featured a different actor playing the role of Dr. Smith. Jonathan Harris, who would go on to become one of the show’s most iconic characters, was not initially cast in the role.
  3. The show’s theme song was composed by John Williams, who would later become famous for his work on Star Wars and other blockbuster films.
  4. Many of the props and sets used on the show were borrowed from other productions, including Star Trek and Forbidden Planet.
  5. The iconic Robot character was designed by Robert Kinoshita, who also created the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet.
  6. The show was canceled after three seasons due to declining ratings and high production costs.
  7. The character of Dr. Smith was originally supposed to be killed off in the first season, but Jonathan Harris’ performance was so popular with audiences that the character was kept on as a regular.
  8. The show was heavily marketed towards children, with numerous tie-in products such as toys, lunchboxes, and comic books.
  9. Many of the show’s special effects were done using miniature models, which were filmed against a blue screen and then composited onto the live-action footage.
  10. The show was originally aired in black and white, but it was later re-released in color.
  11. The character of Major Don West was played by Mark Goddard, who had previously appeared on The Twilight Zone and The Detectives.
  12. The show has been remade multiple times, including a 1998 movie and a Netflix series that premiered in 2018.

Lost in Space was a groundbreaking sci-fi series that captured the imaginations of audiences in the 1960s and continues to entertain fans today. Its unique blend of family drama, adventure, and futuristic technology set the stage for countless sci-fi shows that followed in its footsteps.

With a new reboot series and film adaptations, it’s clear that the Robinson family’s interstellar adventures will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come. Lost in Space remains a beloved classic of science fiction television, with its iconic characters and memorable adventures continuing to captivate audiences even decades after its original airing.

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