10 Wild Facts About The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West was a classic television series that aired from 1965 to 1969, and it was one of the most popular western shows of its time. It followed the adventures of two secret agents, James West and Artemus Gordon, as they traveled across the country to solve crimes and thwart evil plots. Here are 10 wild facts about The Wild Wild West that you may not have known:

  1. The show was originally supposed to be a serious western drama, but it was changed to a more lighthearted adventure series after the success of the James Bond movies.
  2. The role of James West was originally offered to actor Rory Calhoun, but he turned it down. The role was then offered to Robert Conrad, who became a household name for his portrayal of the suave secret agent.
  3. The character of Artemus Gordon was created specifically for the show and was not featured in the original pilot episode. The role was given to actor Ross Martin, who brought a unique charm to the character.
  4. The show was known for its elaborate and outlandish gadgets, which were designed by art director Albert Heschong. Some of the most memorable gadgets included a steam-powered wheelchair and a flying airship.
  5. The series featured a number of celebrity guest stars, including Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, and Robert Duvall.
  6. The show was highly controversial at the time due to its use of violence and sexual themes, which were considered too risqué for television.
  7. The Wild Wild West was one of the first television series to use a full orchestra for its score. The music was composed by Richard Markowitz and was highly praised for its unique blend of western and spy music.
  8. The show was filmed in black and white for its first season, but it was later switched to color for its remaining three seasons.
  9. The Wild Wild West was canceled in 1969 due to declining ratings, but it has since become a cult classic and has been credited with influencing the steampunk genre.
  10. In 1999, a movie adaptation of The Wild Wild West was released, starring Will Smith as James West and Kevin Kline as Artemus Gordon. However, the movie was widely panned by critics and fans of the original series.

In conclusion, “The Wild Wild West” was a show that was ahead of its time, incorporating elements of science fiction, Westerns, and spy thrillers. From its iconic theme song to its unique blend of genres, the show left a lasting impact on television history. The wild and sometimes bizarre behind-the-scenes facts about the show only add to its mystique and make it all the more fascinating to fans. Despite its short run, “The Wild Wild West” remains a beloved classic, and its influence can still be seen in modern television and film.

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